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April 12, 2021
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From the editor, by Lori Motis.

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This month’s articles:

Uplift, inspirational: TAKE A DEEP BREATH. By Ruth.

Blind man walking: A story of triumph by Joshua Loya.

Driving Miss Donna: “A Simple Shopping Trip to Trader Joe’s” by Lynn Anderson.

Living with low vision: Getting Back To Normal by Donna Williams.

Tips and tidbits from the Food Lady: Reading bar codes, mail, and identifying prescriptions.

Yarn, hook and needle: Shawls and a surprise craft! by Greg Capps.

From the editor:

I just love April! Almost perfect weather for getting out for a walk or sitting in the sunshine enjoying nature. I sure do miss living by the Pacific Ocean, but the various wild life here where I live is quite entertaining to listen too. You would not believe all the ducks that are here now. Soon all the baby ducklings will be wandering around with their parents. So fun to listen to. Lots of geese that can be a bit loud at times. We have frogs and toads, and wonderful birds. There are even some birds of prey near by and I have been quite fortunate some nights to hear owls.

I was going to put together another Password game in this issue, but my life is quite overwhelming right now. I am taking an excellent iPad class offered by TTJ tech, and it is intense. Between that and household needs, and the daily grind, I am feeling the crunch. I did join Out of sight a wonderful online community where they do play a kind of password game with teams. I want to get more involved there, but after my class is over. I did join in a Farkle tournament and that was fun. You should check them out:
A very friendly community!

This month I have to say we have some excellent articles. Great adventures and fun tips and crafts and well you will just want to read all the way to the end.

Because I am a bit late with this issue, I will put the news online, but come back tomorrow to insert the headings and email and website address links.
I sure do appreciate all of you and thank you for sharing the news. You can always email me if you have questions or just want to say hello.

God bless you all!

Lori AKA Food Lady

Lori Motis
Publisher & editor of the Blind Post classified news.
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Here are 34 poems: most short, many angry, and all ringing with truth—about slavery, lynchings, medical maltreatment, recent murders of Black men and women, and more. Here you will encounter strong emotions, subtle literary references, ingenious rhymes, and compelling rhythms. It is easy to imagine many of
these memorable poems being set to music. One can hope that someday soon, they will be.

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At the Legacy Technology Project we are looking for used or broken note takers, braille displays and accessories for parts.
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The adventure continues! Season 2 of The Adventure Mind Podcast resumed on Tuesday, February 16.
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Eyes on success shows and podcasts:

2113 Understanding Your Body (Mar. 24, 2021)
Krishna Washburn is a professional ballet dancer and instructor who runs Dark Room Ballet. She believes that visually impaired people could benefit from having a better understanding of how their bodies and body parts work. Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with her about her instructional methods as well as how her on-line classes work.

2114 Traveling Through Southern Africa (Mar. 31, 2021)
Tony Giles, also known as “Tony The Traveller”, joins host Nancy and Peter Torpey once again to talk about his latest book entitled “Seeing a Slice of Southern Africa My Way”. Tony’s stories as a solo traveler who is totally blind and partially deaf are filled with fun and adventure, including white water rafting, bungee jumping and sky diving.

To listen to other episodes from our searchable archive of over 500 episodes go to:

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Uplift, inspirational stories.

Job 33:4; (KJV)
“The Spirit of GOD hath made me, and the Breath of the Almighty hath given me life.”

Take a deep breath, blow it out, again, and once more on the other side. Well, your chest sounds are… Don’t you wonder how many times during your whole life someone has to tell you to take a deep breath? Aren’t you glad that your daily commune with life is not contingent on someone telling you to breathe?
Even the animals, grass and trees are wired to breathe without prodding.

Sitting on the examining table, feeling the coolness of the inquiring stethoscope on my chest, back, and neck, I am whirled backward into lengthy, unpleasant memories of a world of people wearing white, whose shoes couldn’t be heard coming toward you with needles, bandages, grimaces, stethoscopes, and determination to have their way with your being. (This could be the beginning of
a horror movie; and it was, for any young child being prepared for an inoculation, into the buttock.) A very common attack signal or blast was. “Take a
deep breath!” They swarmed until the procedure was accomplished and then as if it never happened they all left the room as quietly as they had come, leaving
the sweating child and two nurses, one with a candy sucker the other taming the valiant but downed warrior with soothing insignificance like: “That wasn’t
so bad, now was it? “Then, as if it’s going to happen, some none caring nonchalant somebody says, “Next time, take a deep breath.”

Is a deep breath really important? Well in some cases it could remedy potential for permanent inactivity.

We were told that our Grandfather had died; and we would have to go south for the funeral. We, my little brother and I, didn’t know that we would be in the room with ‘he who did not breathe’. In those days the corpse was brought to the house for the Wake, and there he lay, not breathing. We couldn’t take our eyes off of him. Motionless. Sleeping? No, dead. Breathing? No, dead. Sad? Don’t know. Happy? Don’t know; but dead. We wanted to sleep anywhere, but in that room with ‘Non-Breathing Grandfather’.

We cried, and then huddled together, we found solutions: My brother had a pop sickle stick. I had a rock, about the size of a large walnut. We weren’t taking any chances with ‘non breathing Grandfather’. We cried, and held onto one another, remembering when Breathing Grandfather was alive, and then we had a wonderful double play of thought… If we only had one of those black rubbery things that the Doctors used in the Hospital, we could put it on Non-Breathing Grandfather, and he would breathe again, as soon as we would say…” Take a Deep Breath!”

With a security rock in my hand and the rugged Popsicle stick in my brother’s hand, we cried and whispered until sleep over came us, whispering. “Take a deep breath, Grandfather. Take a deep breath.”

The incursion of death had permanently stamped its impossibilities into the minds of the children. There were questions that no one seemed to be patient enough to answer, so a child’s mind will take it to the summit of curiosity, make-believe, restless fantasy and then to ‘happy ever after’ and that can
be good until death appears again, which is inevitable... Because, where there is life, there is death. It is postponed; but never deleted.

My most favorite, loved, ambitious, beautiful, talented, gregarious Auntie, in the whole world went to the hospital to have surgery, and…died! This incident
was not long after Grandfather died; but my Auntie was in the Hospital, so what happened? In the Hospital, there a lot of people with those ‘Breathing tubes’ around their necks. Why didn’t someone put that on her, and tell her to ‘take a deep breath.’

My world is becoming very complicated and difficult. Why did she die? She was so young, and so beautiful, why did she die? My Grandfather was old; but she was young and had a little girl, and me. Why did she die? Even now, could someone put that thing on her and tell her to breathe? Why? Just, why? This is not fair. Will she lay motionless in
a box, like Grandfather? All they had to do is tell her to take a deep breath. Well, maybe that doesn’t work. Maybe they are pretending to help people.

I am so sick. I want to die, and keep my most favorite Auntie company. Maybe we can cook some cakes or cookies. This isn’t fair. As loud as I could, under
the cover, I shouted. “Take a deep breath Auntie!” and my little brother cuddled and we cried harder this time than ever before. He asked me. “Did they tell her to take a deep breath, did they?”

Death needed some competition, and I felt that I was mad enough to give it… How? It would not take me by surprise anymore.
It would not make me cry, anymore.
I would be kind to others who could not give Death a good punch.
I would, like my Mother, send cards or give those who remain something. If my Mother asked me to play the piano for a funeral, I would gladly (fearfully) do it. I would not be afraid to go to see the Deceased. (That didn’t work for a long time, because I would have bad nightmares.)

These were things that I decided would take the bite out of Death. No, it didn’t work; but for a while, there were no deaths to contend with and that was good. All situations must pass and my dog, Pete, died. I tried to remember some of the points above, couldn’t do it. It was morbid. I was older now, but Death was showing how infiltrating it could become. He, like people had no breath and it would have done no good to tell him to take a deep breath. He
was dead, just plain gone, without breath. I could do nothing.

After many years and the encouraging of my Mother, I became a Registered Nurse. There was a small thought that maybe now, I could get a real hold on Death and tell everyone what I had found.
Forty plus years have passed. The bedside was my classroom. Much has been seen with these eyes that no longer see; but rely on the intense memory of one who journeyed through darkness with a Light that could not be quenched. One who became so familiar with the strategies of death she could head it off before
its planned time. She couldn’t delay death; but could make sure her patients had a good understanding of what they were going into, and Who they should want with them…Savior, Master, Jesus Christ.

I had a stethoscope, like other Nurses and Doctors; but early, I found that the Stethoscope was not dependent factor for life and breath. It only gave information about living patients. The key was to give life, Eternal, before reaching the point of no return.
…The doctor was satisfied with my blood work; he had no suggestions; but asked “What do you plan to do with your clean slate?”
I answered. “I guess I’ll just take a deep breath.”

it is just like a child to take on one of the greatest mysteries of life, with a rock and a pop sickle stick. Don’t we all wish that it was as
simple as a child’s understanding?
How Blessed we are to be able to take a deep breath in this ongoing Pandemic; so, let us, not only take a deep breath but with that breath, pray for everyone
and every family who have been tragically affected by this virus.

Blind Man Walking
By Joshua Loya

I do a lot of things people think are impossible. At the very least, I do things that most people consider scary or challenging. This often leads people to believe that I’m not normal. Well, I’m not, but that does not mean that other people cannot also do a lot of what I do. It also does not mean that I do not have moments where I struggle. I even have moments where I straight up panic at what’s right in front of me to do.

On March 20, I had my first in person surf contest in over a year. I was not at 100% as far as my conditioning was concerned, but I was a lot stronger than I had been just 2 months prior. I had put in lots of work building my over all strength and cardio, in addition to getting regular surf practice. In the back of my mind was still the nagging thought that I might not be ready. I did my best to squash that thought, but it would not go away.

On the day of the contest, the conditions were terrible. Lots of wind. Lots of chop. The waves were not smooth at all, and they kept coming into the beach one after the other. My only hope was that I would have a lull in the interval between waves, and that there would be a channel that I could paddle through on my way to the outside break. I was disappointed on both counts. Where the contest area was had no channel. The waves were just a barrage of constant walls of water coming towards shore. Every time I tried to paddle out, I would make a little bit of progress, and then I would get pushed back towards the beach. I was getting super gassed. I was exhausted, and the actual competition heat had not even begun.

I was nearing the end of my 5 minutes I had been given before the heat started. I had not even made it to the outside. My mind rebelled. It stopped working, and I could only, out loud, yell, “Panic!”. Oddly enough, I realized this was the very emotion I was experiencing. Once I named the emotion, I was able to break through and do what I needed to do, knowing that I only had to be out there for another 15 to 20 minutes.

Sometimes we feel emotions, and we beat ourselves up for feeling the emotions. It is not wrong to feel how we feel, at least as far as I am concerned. I think, it is what we do with those emotions that really matters. In this instance, I felt afraid, as I do every single time I surf. The trick was that I did not let my fear rule me. I identified it, and I moved forward, knowing that I would have the luxury of being afraid after the competition heat was over.

That day, there was not a single visually impaired surfer that scored better than I did. How many visually impaired surfers were there? Besides me? None. Even though I surfed unopposed that day, I felt as if I had one because I did not let my fear control me, even though I was almost at the point of giving up and paddling back into shore. Only identifying the panic kept me in it until the end.

If you have any stories of triumph, in which your fear almost won, I would really like to hear them. Please feel free to email me at

Driving Miss Donna
“A Simple Shopping Trip to Trader Joe’s”
(Episode 15)
by: Lynn Anderson

Whenever I approach something new, I like to have a foolproof plan in place. I think about the Secret Service, and how they protect the President during official visits, how they make sure that the President is kept safe, check out all of the details for the visit, come up with a fabulous plan then implement that plan. That’s what I like, all possibilities covered before heading out. Simple and effective. Well, at least it should be!

So, when Donna and I offered to take Bevie to Trader Joe’s on a shopping trip as a treat for her birthday, I got my thinking cap on and came up with the perfect plan. First, I had to pick up Donna at her apartment, get her walker safely in the trunk, and then Donna safely in the front seat of my car. Step two, pick Bevie up at her home, get her safely in the back seat of my car, and then drive to Trader Joe’s in Capitola. Third, I needed to get the handicapped parking space at the front of Trader Joe’s since Donna can’t walk very far. Fourth, I needed to obtain the mart cart from Trader’s and get Donna safely installed and inside the grocery store. Luckily, the mart cart has a basket, so I didn’t need to try and figure out how to push a separate basket for her. Fifth, I got Bevie safely in the store along with her own shopping cart. I had even picked a day that I was assured by the staff at Trader Joe’s was usually very quiet, so I had a big smile as everything fell into place. Onward!

Problem number one: the store was totally packed! There was barely any room to maneuver. There was hardly any room to stand still for that matter. The helpful employee had LIED to me! Well, maybe not totally, because how could they really know how busy the store would be, but I felt deceived anyway! But we were actually inside the store and I felt that we could overcome this problem together!

Problem number two: In my planning process I had forgotten one
pretty pertinent fact: Donna can’t see very well and Bevie can’t see at all. It hadn’t registered in my brain that they couldn’t just look at the shelves
and see what all of the items were. They needed me to read to them what each item on the shelf was. Uh oh! Since there are actually quite a few items in the store and it took me a long time to read what each item was, the three of us made quite a log jam in a store that isn’t that big anyway and was packed with shoppers. I must have heard the term “excuse me” at least 100 times, but there really wasn’t anywhere we could go to open up a space for the frustrated shoppers.

As an aside here, grocery shopping is no longer a simple thing. You don’t just purchase meat, milk, eggs, bread and veggies anymore. Oh no, it is much more complex! I would read an item to Donna and Bevie, like bread, and then go on to the next item. But no, that isn’t enough! I had to tell them what kind of bread it was. Is it whole wheat, white, rye, sourdough, gluten free, etc.? It wasn’t just the bread either. It was everything in the entire store! Is it vegan, low salt, low sugar? How many calories per serving, how many grams of fat, carbohydrates, and protein? Plus, is this item keto? “What ‘O?”
I finally asked being a bit snarky. “You know,” Donna said, “keto. Is it low carb and low sugar?” “Good grief”, I said and searched out the label. “I don’t see keto anywhere, does it matter?” Apparently, it does.

Finally, I was having to check out how many ingredients each item had. If it had ingredient names I couldn’t pronounce, I had to put it back on the shelf. I felt like I was reading “War and Peace” there out loud in Trader Joe’s!!

Problem number three: it only got more crowded the longer we were there. Bevie was getting very frustrated, as we could barely move her shopping art through the store. She likes to keep moving and get things done. That would’ve been nice, but we weren’t moving anywhere! At one point, she froze in place, a stricken look on her face and told me that Donna was missing. How would she know that? I wondered. “She’s right here, Bevie,” I said and turned around to look at Donna, who was definitely not right behind me. Then I started to panic, because I couldn’t see her anywhere!

“Come on!” I grabbed Bevie and her cart and
started to plow through upset shoppers, but I couldn’t find Donna anywhere! How far can she have gone? I asked myself. She’s in a huge mart cart in a small store that is packed with shoppers, she can barely see and she can barely walk, how far could she have gone? Apparently pretty far.

Problem number four: I couldn’t find Donna anywhere, and the mart cart wasn’t in its normal parking spot in the store, so she must still be in the cart, somewhere here in the store or out there on the streets! Then I thought about the Secret Service and their plan to protect the President. Would the President just get distracted and forget to tell his team that he wanted to check out the cheese in the cold case and not tell them? Because that is where Bevie and I finally found Donna, in the cold case area checking out the cheese. This is not acceptable!!! “Where were you?” I asked Donna with a slightly raised voice. “We looked everywhere for you!” “I was right here,” Donna said and smiled. “But I looked everywhere for you and didn’t see you!” Again, my voice
was slightly elevated. “Well, I guess you didn’t look here.” She smiled again and laughed. Finally, she admitted that she had seen Bevie and me frantically looking for her and she parked the mart cart between aisles and behind displays so we wouldn’t see her. She thought it would be fun if she hid from us. FUN??? This is definitely not my idea of fun! What would the Secret Service do if the President hid from them because it was fun?

Ahhh!!! By this point in our fun shopping trip, Bevie and Donna were both wearing down and were ready to head for home. “Oh no,” I said, steely determination in my voice, “we still have an aisle and a half to go through, we are not done!” “Come on, Lynn, let’s go home, we’re all tired.” Donna tried pleading with me, but this shopping trip was definitely not over. The Secret Service would not ever stop in the middle of their mission, and we weren’t stopping either!

I marched our party up down the remaining aisles, carefully reading each item on the remaining shelves and catching the ladies up on all of the nutrition and ingredients, either good or bad. By the time we made it through the check-out and were back in the car I was ready to avoid grocery stores for life. Donna and Bevie looked equally done in.

As I pulled into Bevie’s driveway and helped her unload her groceries, I finally had to ask her how she knew that Donna was missing? Here I am sighted, and hadn’t realized that Donna was no longer with us. “I couldn’t hear her anymore,” Bevie said. I hugged Bevie goodbye and headed back to the car to drive
Donna home. I was totally blown away that in a store that was packed with shoppers, totally hectic, noisy and crazy that she knew that Donna was missing because she couldn’t hear her anymore. Pretty amazing!

As I got back into the car to drive Donna home, I was going to share that part of the story with her, but her head was back against the head rest and she was fast asleep. As I pulled up outside Donna’s apartment, I had to wonder how the Secret Service would handle taking Donna and Bevie grocery shopping? I think that guarding the President must be a lot easier!

Living with low vision
Getting Back To Normal
By Donna Williams
Now that spring is here it’s time to get out and about enjoying nature, the warm weather, and more daylight. What a difference a year can make too. Last year at this time I barely celebrated Easter or my birthday. Making the best of things during the pandemic I was able to have a home cooked meal delivered by my Mom and she came over with another one for my birthday. We had a short celebration which lasted long enough for me to open my gift then poof she
was gone.

With the vaccine for covid there is light at the end of the tunnel. At first I thought I wouldn’t be getting it since I tend to be very medication sensitive
and I’ve had severe allergic reactions to injectable meds before. When vaccination appointments started becoming available I hesitated to get on the list. I knew I had to devise a plan. I heard daily news reports about how there were too many people signed up and not enough supply to accommodate everyone.

I wondered how long I’d actually need to wait once I made my decision to get the shot. I decided to visit my Doctor before I did anything. On the day
I saw him I asked about my vulnerability toward having an allergic reaction to the vaccine. He told me it wasn’t likely however he suggested I inform
the medical staff administering the shot that it might be a good idea for me to wait 30 minutes before leaving the site.

Shortly after that visit I started hearing rumblings about opening up the waiting list to all adults regardless of the category they fell into. I have
some health issues that put me in the 1A category and I knew that if I didn’t do something soon I’d be stuck further down the list then I needed to be.
Others who are healthier would jump ahead of me and I’d be more vulnerable when I went out.

It was time to get back to normal or as close to it as I could get. I wasted no time in signing up through the county. They prefer that everyone fill
out a form online but I wasn’t comfortable doing that. I always have fear that Jaws won’t interact properly with the form and I’ll miss something or it
won’t be filled out correctly. In order to avoid this I decided to call the number provided for questions and ask how I could get my name on the list.
The people in the call center were very nice and offered to help by calling me back to take my information. I found out that they’d be filling out the
same form that others who might help me would complete. Since my mom and I wanted to try and schedule our appointments at the same time I decided to ask her to register me. We signed up and the waiting game began.

In the meantime one of the members of a choir I belong to offered us an opportunity to get on another waiting list through the hospital she works for. My Mom and I decided it wouldn’t hurt to register in both places.

It wasn’t long before we had appointments through the hospital. Then 3 days after we were scheduled I received a call from the county. I thought they were calling to register me and I was ready to tell them that my mom had already given my information. Before I could say anything I received a happy surprise. The woman offered me an opportunity to get my first anti-covid dose within a few days. I mentioned that I am blind and that my mom and I were hoping to schedule at the same time since she needed her shot too and she’d be bringing me to get mine. The woman checked her list and told me that the two of us could make our appointments jointly. I told her to let my Mom have her choice since she was the driver.

Now I have to tell you I hate needles. I think I’ve said that before. So of course you can only imagine how anxious I was about what was upcoming. Here’s the thing. We were sent instructions and one thing that was stressed was the importance of eating and drinking well before receiving the vaccine. I wondered
how I was going to pull that one off. When I get anxious I can’t always eat a good meal until whatever I need to deal with is completely over. I don’t
know how I did it but on vaccination day I was actually able to eat decently and I know it helped.

We got to the center and despite my best efforts I kept thinking about the prick of that needle. A friend had said something very funny about the shot
before I left but I couldn’t even laugh or smile at that as we entered the building. Thankfully it went very fast. I almost felt as though I were on an
assembly line. First there was security. An individual couldn’t get in without having a verified appointment. We were told to bring our email invitation
with us to show at the door. Well, I don’t have a printer or smart phone so instead I simply saved the required info as a text file and pasted a copy
into the storage section of my flip phone. As it turned out we didn’t need that email but I’m glad I was creative enough to come up with an alternative
solution. Once we were done with security we moved to another table where we presented our signed consent forms. Luckily for me my mom printed out a copy for each of us and that allowed us to get through the line faster. The next table was where they asked a bunch of medical questions and reviewed our consent form for a second time. It was at that table where I got a card with the number 30 on it. At first I wondered does this mean I have to wait for 29 other people to get their shot before me? Thankfully that wasn’t the case. The big 30 designated the time I needed to wait until I could leave after receiving my first dose. As soon as we were done at that table someone was right there asking us to follow them. We were led to a table with a chair and that’s where we were to get the vaccine. My mom let me go first and when I was done I stood up. I was then immediately sent to a waiting area where
I could sit down. My mom joined me shortly and we waited until the designated time before leaving.

The needle didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would but I did have some side effects. On the day I received the vaccine I got really hot from the inside out. Then the next day my arm was sore. It was really interesting trying to raise it high enough to put eye drops in. I think though the worse side effect I experienced was the exhaustion. I felt so drained for a few days. I’d be doing something and start falling asleep.

Most of my family is either half or fully vaccinated so Easter was able to happen this year. The church I attend was actually open for services but I
chose not to go. I’m so close to getting my second dose and don’t want anything to spoil it. My mom had a small gathering which was much better then last year and my birthday is destined to be much better too. We won’t be going out to eat because I’m not comfortable doing that until we are fully vaccinated but I will have my choice of take-out and I’m looking forward to that. I’m also looking forward to May 3 when I get my second dose. I can’t wait!

I’d love to hear from you. If you have anything you’d like to share or just want to say hello feel free to write me at:

Tips and tidbits from the Food Lady

Hello readers,
I received the following questions from a subscriber. I have provided some options, but please if you have any suggestions, email them to me so I can share them.

“Do you have a device you use to read bar codes, especially on food items? I am sure there are apps for the smart phone. I have also heard that an Amazon Echo.
Show can identify some items.
A secondary problem for me is trying to identify prescription bottles. Nothing seems to work very well.
Do you have any preferences?”

There are some great apps available, for your smart phone, to assist you to read and identify many items. Some are free and some have a cost.

I personally use the Seeing AI app on my iPhone. This app can be a bit finicky, but after using it for several years, I have some tips that might help some of you. This is a free app. There are many options such as short text, which allows you to point your back facing camera at almost anything and it will read it. When you first download the app, there are some basic tutorials that you can read and listen to that explain and demonstrate each channel. Then after that when you use it the bottom right corner of your screen is where you choose which channel you want to use. The bottom choice is called short text. This channel starts reading anything right away. I use this for reading my mail, some food items, vitamins and almost anything that has print on it.

This can be a bit tricky to use at times. The back facing camera is what is used to see things. I have found if you hold your phone at least six inches or more away from the item you are reading, it works better than holding it too close. I have found that with an item such as a can of soup or a bottle, to put it on a countertop about six or more inches from the edge. Place the back of your phone on the edge of the counter with the camera nearly level with the can. It should start reading. If not, rotate the can and see if you can get something. Holding the item too close usually does not work. Sometimes it will even read better further away. When I read mail, I place the mail on the table or desk and hold my phone above it in my hand and my elbow resting on the table. I can usually get something, enough to recognize that it is addressed to me. I have noticed that if it begins reading a page of text, if I move my phone away from it, it continues to read the whole page.

If it is difficult for you to keep your phone still and level, then a scanning stand might be good to use. I have not tried one yet but am considering purchasing the DannyBoy Portable Device Stand that is advertised in this issue. Sometimes my arm gets tired if I am scanning a lot.

There are other great features on this app too. I have identified money and even read handwriting in a card. It has a product bar code channel. This works great! I have found the barcodes on cans easily since they are usually located near the seam of the paper label. Some items recognized offer more info and can give further cooking directions and ingredients. Some of my more natural products it does not recognize so I go back to short text.
On frozen food and boxed items, it can be a little more difficult to locate the bar code. I have found holding the phone back a bit widens the area and picks up the bar code faster. There is an audible sound indicating the bar code and you can use that to direct where to move your phone to capture it. When it does, it gives you another sound and then begins to read or say not recognized.
I have not tried all the features of this app yet. They are improving it all the time with updates. These are what is offered currently starting from the bottom flicking up:
Short text, this begins reading immediately.
Document, this selection guides you to take a picture of a printed page.
Product is the bar code scanner.
Person, this is for face recognition and offers front facing camera.
Currency recognizes many types of money.
Scene, where you can take a photo of something and it will tell you what it is, if it can. I took a picture of my dog sleeping on the carpet and it recognized the dog. It also gives you the option of exploring or sharing the photo. Kind of fun.
Color, but I do not think it is exactly accurate, but I need to explore it more.
Handwriting, this is great for those greeting cards or written letters. I have been able to recognize some handwriting on cards. Also, I have used it for envelopes that are handwritten.
Light, gives you tones for light, brightness level and no visible light.

I know that prescriptions can be quite challenging. I used to get my prescriptions from the local pharmacy and always asked them to put a rubber band on my high blood pressure meds. I used to use a Pen friend audio labeler, but it died. Through my insurance plan I now use mail order. I was offered a Script Talk station, through en-Vision America, which is a device that reads out loud the special labels that the mail order pharmacy puts on the bottom of my prescriptions. I have found this to be extremely helpful.
Their website gives more information on this and other options through participating pharmacies.

As far as the Amazon Echo show product, I do not own one, but have heard from folks that have them, that it can be helpful for some things.

Another app that both my husband and I have used is BE my eyes. This is a free service with volunteers that are all over the world. You sign up through the app. When you need help with something visual, you use the app to call a volunteer. You are matched with someone usually within a minute. The back facing camera is what is used for the volunteer to be able to see what you want to read or described. One of the times I have used it was for a package that I just could not figure out who it was to or from. It was extremely helpful since the package was all in handwriting.
My husband used this service to get help with reading model numbers off a radio, and other collectable items. I have had friends that have used this app to get help applying Shout Out on spots on their laundry items. I even heard of someone using it to put together an item he got in the mail. They even have specialized help now for tech and medical and more.

I hope this information can help some of you. I know everyone does not have a smart phone. I used to have volunteers come to me, years ago, to read my mail and take me shopping. There are various local organizations that might offer these services for blind and vision impaired. I have even paid for help, in the past, with labeling items and some shopping. I am so appreciative of the new technology where I can do almost everything I need independently, with a little help of course from my friend, my iPhone.

Food Lady

Yarn, hook and needle Crafts
Shawls and a surprise craft!
By Greg Capps

I thought with the warmer days of spring that you might enjoy a new shawl for those still cool evenings. Anybody want to contribute a pattern for May or June? And, a surprise set of instructions at the end, So, read all the way down.

Asymmetrical Wedge Shawl
by Susanne Visch

This wedge shawl has a distinct asymmetrical shape, setting it apart from more traditional crochet shawls. Make a fast, large and cozy
shawl in an aran weight yarn as described here, or make it a scarf in a fingering weight yarn. Because this wedge shawl is worked in a single piece from the tip up, it can easily be made in any size you want.

Skill Level: Intermediate
Size: Wingspan of 76” [193 cm] measured along the longest edge and a depth of 41” [105 cm], measured after blocking
Gauge: 10 sts / 5.3 rows = 4” [10 cm] in dc after wet blocking

Medium Weight Yarn Garnstudio Drops Alaska (100% wool; 75 yards [69 meters]/50 grams): #11 Red (8 balls)
Hook: US size J/10 (6.0 mm) hook
Notions: Tapestry needle

Special Stitches

Foundation Double Crochet: Make a slip knot and place onto hook, ch 3, yo and insert hook into both lps of the third st from hook, yo and draw through
st, ch 1, yo and draw through first 2 lps on hook, yo and draw through last 2 lps on hook, *yo, insert hook in ch part of previous st, yo and draw through
st, ch 1, yo and draw through first 2 lps on hook, yo and draw through last 2 lps on hook; rep from *.

Pattern Notes
Wedge is worked in one single piece, starting at the point and increasing two stitches every dc row, for a total of 6 increased stitches per pattern repeat.
Increases are only worked on one edge of the shawl. Each pattern repeat consists of 3 rows dc with increases and 3 rows of chain loops. The shawl is finished by working another 2 rows of chain loops followed by sc along all sides of the triangle.

Make 3 fdc. Row 1 (WS): Ch 3 (counts as dc), turn, 2 dc in first dc, dc in each of next 2 dc. (5 sts)
Row 2 (RS): Ch 3 (counts as dc), turn, skip first dc, dc in each dc across, ending with 3 dc in 3rd ch of turning ch. (7 sts)
Row 3: Ch 3 (counts as dc), turn, 2 dc in first dc, dc in each dc across, ending with dc in 3rd ch of turning ch. (9 sts)
Row 4: Ch 5 (counts as sc, ch 4) turn, skip first 2 dc, sc in next dc, ch 4, skip next 2 dc, sc in next dc, ch 4, ending with sc in 3rd
ch of turning ch.
Row 5: Ch 5 (counts as dc, ch 2), turn, sc in first ch-4 lp, (ch 4, sc) in next ch-4 lp twice, ch 2, dc in 1st ch of turning ch.
Row 6: Ch 5 (counts as sc, ch 4) turn, skip ch-2 lp, sc in first ch-4 lp, (ch 4, sc) in next ch-4 lp, ch 4, ending with last sc in 3rd
ch of turning ch.
Row 1 (WS): Ch 3 (counts as dc), turn, 4 dc in first ch-4 lp, 3 dc in each next ch-4 lp across. (11 sts)
Row 2 (RS): Ch 3 (counts as dc), turn, skip first dc, dc in each dc across, ending with 3 dc in 3rd ch of turning ch. (13 sts)
Row 3: Ch 3 (counts as dc), turn, 2 dc in first dc, dc in each dc across, ending with 1 dc in 3rd ch of turning ch. (15 sts)
Row 4: Ch 5 (counts as sc, ch 4) turn, skip first 2 dc, sc in next dc, *ch 4, skip next 2 dc, sc in next dc; rep from * across, ending
with last sc in 3rd ch of turning ch.
Row 5: Ch 5 (counts as dc, ch 2), turn, sc in first ch-4 lp, (ch 4, sc) in each ch-4 lp across, ch 2, dc in 1st ch of turning ch.
Row 6: Ch 5 (counts as sc, ch 4) turn, skip ch-2 lp, sc in first ch-4 lp, (ch 4, sc) in each ch-4 lp across, ending with last sc in 3rd
ch of turning ch.
Rows 7-84: Rep rows 1-6 another 13 times for a total of 31 ch-4 lp’s.
Rows 85-86: Rep rows 5-6 once more. Do not break yarn.
With RS facing turn work sideways and work sc along the longest edge of the triangle as follows: Work 10 sc along side of first lace section,
[6 sc per dc section, 6 sc per lace section] across, 9 sc along dc section at the tip.
Next: Work 3 sc in the tip itself to round the corner.
Next: Work 8 sc along dc section at the tip, [6 sc per lace section, 5 sc per dc section] across, 10 sc along side of last lace section.
Next: Work [5 sc in ch-4 sp, sc in next sc] across, sl st to beg of edging.
Break yarn.
Weave in loose ends and wet block shawl.

A Peaceful Shawl
By Jennifer Dickerson

A Peaceful Shawl is designed as a charity project for folks to give comfort to chilly shoulders and laps. Using only a little over one skein of Homespun
yarn, the result is a beautiful shawl that can be knit quickly for the people who need them. I especially loved working on this project because the shawl
provides a constant warm hug and reminder that someone out there cares about them.
Please note: If making this for someone who is in a wheelchair, the general guideline is that the shawl does not exceed 4 feet, as to not get tangled in
the wheels. Also, I chose Homespun because of its softness, beautiful colorways and the need for these items to be easy care and machine washable. Please feel free to experiment with other yarns.
1.25 skeins Lion Brand Homespun in the colorway of your choice (note: if you only have 1 skein, it will shorten your shawl about 8 inches or so)?
US 15 (10.0 mm) straight needles?
Tapestry Needle?
Sizing: 17 inches wide and 48 inches long?
CO 36 sts

Row 1: Knit
Row 2: Knit
Row 3: Knit
Row 4: Knit
Row 5: K2, *yo, k2tog; rpt from * to last 2 sts; K2
Rpt rows 1-5 until about 46” from beginning.
Knit 4 more rows
Bind off. Break yarn, weave in ends and block as desired.

Washcloth Bunny
one wash cloth
1 small rubber band
2 stick on eyes if desired
1 cotton ball

1. Place wash cloth in front of you with corners at 12:00, 3:00, 6:00 and 9:00.
2. Beginning at the 6:00 corner, roll cloth up to the corners at 3 and 9 o'clock and down from 12 o'clock to this same point. So, you have two small rolls
lying side by side with a little triangle point at each end.

3. Bring the two pointed ends together and secure with a rubber band about two inches from tips of ears. You fold the rope in half so that the two rolls are hidden inside and the outside is smooth.
5. Fold the triangle tips back to form ears. Position ears by adjusting creases or folds.
5. Glue on eyes and tail.

7. A candle, bottle of soap, lotion etc may be placed in the center of the circle.
7. Place a ribbon around the neck at the rubber band.

This is the end of the April 2021 edition of the Blind Post classified news.
Thanks for reading!
Lori AKA Food Lady

Lori Motis
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