The Blind Post classified news September 9, 2021

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September 9, 2021
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Contents for this month’s issue:

From the editor:. by Lori Motis.

New and used.

Wanted, to trade, or to give away.


Services and training.

Business and employment opportunities.

This month’s articles:

Blind People talking: A cane story from Linda Stewart and
My Sunday Morning Ride With The Hell’s Angels By: Donna Kimball.

Tips and tidbits from the Food Lady: Pantry, storage, recipes and new product info.

Living with low vision: Fun Things to Learn by Donna Williams.

Driving Miss Donna: “A New Order” by Lynn Anderson.

Uplift, inspirational: FLIP-FLOP HOT CAKES –OH NO! By Ruth Coleman.

Yarn, hook and needle crafts: Rag Wreath and don’t forget the contest! by Greg Capps.

From the editor:

Hello readers!
It is hard to believe that the Blind Post has been around now for 11 years. It was September 2010 when I needed to change the name of our newsletter from connections for the blind to the Blind Post after we moved from Spring Creek, Nevada to Eagle Idaho. This was due to the way the new internet and email servers worked at our new home. I wanted to have a website with the same name as the news and a way I could manage it all my self-using my limited abilities with my Windows computer and Jaws. Trying various ways of emailing everyone, and now using, I feel that things run much more smoothly. I am a bit slow at times getting all the online news html links and emails done in time, but I eventually get to it. Getting faster.

We got a few new subscribers this month. Thank you! I also have some upcoming sponsors for the next few months as well. Tis the season!

Wow, this month’s magazine has some fantastic articles. I am so impressed with my writers. I think you will enjoy each one. I love having folks submit stories and poems and well, any of your adventures with your cane or your guide dog. It is fun for me to read and share and I know others enjoy them too.

Don’ forget there is a craft contest going on. Read more about it in Yarn, hook, and needle. Greg has a fun easy craft this month that I know anyone can do.

My son, Joshua, is in the midst of preparing for his surf competition this weekend. He will be back in October to share news about that and some other projects and how his new guide dog is working out.

Now you all might be a bit curious about my nose surgery. I am glad I had it done when I did, because due to the high covid virus cases here in Idaho, I would not have been able to schedule it the week after my surgery. It would have been considered an unnecessary surgery.

It went well. My nose was in a lot of pain for a few weeks, but it is healing fine. It still is a bit tender, but at least it is done and in my past. It is never fun to break your nose and even worse to know that it is going to be rebroken. I won’t go into the details of how this was done.

I am still having some apprehension about going for a walk on my own. I have been going on the senior bus to appointments, and to shopping, but not for walks. I have borrowed a bike helmet from my sister and have it ready to go, but with the extremely bad air days here from the fires and the very hot weather, I have not gone on one yet. Soon.

Hey, to you Instant pot folks, I had mentioned last month that the app for the Bluetooth model had no longer worked and Instant Pot customer service had said they were no longer updating it or supporting it. Well, I just happened to test it the other day, and it was working! I cooked some rice in it and the app worked great. They must have updated it since I wrote that article. Maybe some of you and a few others complained, and they thought it would be better to update that one than to promise folks a discount on the Smart Wi fi model. By the way I bought a Smart Wi Fi Instant Pot from Best Buy and tried it with its app and connected it to Alexa but testing it with the water test and cooking rice did not work well. The Internet connection kept going out with Alexa and the app is not very accessible at all. They do work together if any of you have that model, but it takes some practice and guess work. I took it back since my Bluetooth model works again.

I am going to purchase a stove top pressure cooker like what I used to have when I first lost my vision. I will let you know about that adventure in the future.

I want to remind any of you that have Apple devices that TTJ will be starting up their excellent free training classes again very soon. If you want to be informed you will want to sign up for their new email

I highly recommend doing so. They have a fantastic team of trainers, and you learn so much. This is for Voice Over, iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers plus other short classes for Apple TV and watch and other Apple products. These classes are all free and you will be surprised how much you will learn. Even if you have used your device for a few years. Every Fall there is new things to learn because of the new operating systems.

I have taken them for the past two years and am planning on taking them again this year through the spring of next year.

Well, there is so much more I could share with you, but I am sure you want to read the notices and stories and columns.

God bless you all and please stay safe!

Lori AKA Food Lady

Lori Motis
Publisher & editor of the Blind Post classified news.
A great place to share and sell!

New and used:

Scentsy’s Harvest Collection products have arrived and are available while supplies last!

Amazing new and returning products crossing almost every Scentsy
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Candy bar greetings include Happy Birthday, Love You, Thank You, Have a Nice Day, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.
A variety of other chocolate items are available.
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This unit can be updated if you send it to Humanware. The update is free from Humanware.
I do not have a paypal account However, If you want to pay with a credit card Roger Behm from Adaptive systems technology will be willing to assist you
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phone 608-758-0933
All braille documents on this unit will be enclosed.
Raymond Rokita

Wanted, to trade or give away:

This is a great place to post items you want to give away, or maybe you are looking for a particular item.
Email your 75 words or less notice to me, Lori AKA Food Lady, at

and I will include them in the next issue at no cost.


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September 10: Kristin Smedley, Advocate. Author of bestseller “Thriving Blind.”
September 17: Round Robin Writing-. Hats, Boots, Yee-Haw. Fun for National Country Music Day.
September 24: Trixie Silvertail . Mitzy Moon Series, New Anthology. Bestseller.
October 1 : Smashwords interview, includes Q+A session. Has Moved! Visit our New

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Sermons on the Phone is always being updated.

Check it out at 773-572-6206.

Spoken Word Ministries offers a Christian resource library to blind and visually impaired people.

The library contains both books, Bible commentaries and teachings.
To apply visit

and complete the registration form.
Thanks and blessings.

The Burkeville Virginia lodge for the blind is a low cost retreat for visually impaired and the blind and friends and families.

We have low cost rates for
rooms with meals included. We have in ground swimming pool and fishing/boating 4 acre pond with walking trail. We play bingo or uno in the evenings or
play music. We have piano and organ in Dining room and piano in main cottage. There is also a screened gazebo with steps and ramp. We have scheduled time
for buffet meals with sighted help. For reservations, leave message at 434 767 4080 or for more info, call me, Richard, at 757 468 0277. We are one big
family and lease the lodge for special events like meeting, luncheons and baby showers or family reunions. I hope to see you there.

Eyes on success shows and podcasts:

2134 Navigating Indoors with the Clew App (Aug. 18, 2021)
Most navigation apps rely on GPS and work well outdoors. Unfortunately, such apps are not suitable for indoor use. Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with Paul Ruvolo about the Clew app he developed which overcomes this limitation by making use of Apple’s AR Kit and the phone’s camera in order to guide users from point to point indoors.

2137 Sharing Experiences with Cochlear Implants (Sep. 8, 2021)
Blind individuals rely heavily on their ability to hear in order to compensate for their lack of sight. But what happens when a blind person loses their hearing? Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey join a conversation between Jim Snowbarger and Greg Green, both of whom are blind and both of whom have cochlear implants, about their experiences with the implants.

To listen to other episodes from our searchable archive of over 500 episodes go to:

You can also subscribe to the podcast or listen on your smart home device by saying “play the eyes On success podcast”.

Services and training.

Do you have a service pertaining to the blind community, or do you offer training such as computer training or guitar lessons? Now 75 words or less post at no cost. Longer notices can also be placed with costs dependent on the word count. Email me for prices and guidelines.
Lori Motis Blind Post classified news editor.

Business and employment opportunities:

I am totally blind and work from home independently.

If you would like to know how you can do this please contact me. You can work at your own speed.
Write to:

and I will tell you more.

Do you have a business or a job opportunity that the Blind Post readers would like to know about?

and I will let you know the cost and if it is suitable for the next issue. Now 75 words or less is free.

Blind people talking: Adventures, stories, and poems from readers.

A cane story

From Linda Stewart

It was Christmastime and I was revving up to get my next guide dog. I wanted to brush up on my mobility skills with my cane, etc.

One afternoon I asked our daughter Karen if she would like to take a walk with me. She said yes, so we headed out. I asked her to walk behind me, and said, "If it looks like I'm going to bump into anything, don't tell me."

After walking a little while we began to sing, "O Come All Ye Faithful." Right when we were singing the line, "glory to God," I smashed into a truck which was filling the whole sidewalk ahead. Bam! And what a shock! Not only because I hit it pretty hard, but because we had just sung "Glory to God" and I wondered why God allowed me to walk right into that truck when we were praising Him!

That thought kept coming back to me. "Why did you let that happen, Lord?"

Then one day when I was at a meeting for the visually impaired, I told one of the other members about that experience. He said, "You were holding your cane down too low. If it had been curved more it would have detected the bottom of that truck."

After thinking about it, what he said made sense. And I realized it was my error, and realized I had to learn that lesson. No more questions to God about that.

Later I got my first Trekker GPS, and created a few landmarks on my various routes.

Truck parked across the sidewalk.

Low hanging tree branch.

Very broken up sidewalk.

My Trekker would warn me as I approached these areas and I knew about 20 seconds ahead of time so I could slow down. What a help that was, just in case my mind was wandering. And some things are pretty hard to remember when you need to know exactly where they are in the middle of a block.

That was one of my cane stories. I could tell you more, including guide dog stories too. Who couldn't?

My Sunday Morning Ride With The Hell’s

By: Donna Kimball

My friend, Judy and I, frequently travelled to various other cities as we followed our favorite band, Michael and Blue Suede. We were two of their best groupies! Our travels often took us North to the city of Santa Rosa where Michael had often performed. Michael was an Elvis impersonator and we both loved

During this trip, we had travelled up early Saturday morning to Santa Rosa and checked into our favorite motel, looking forward to the evening’s concert. After a late night, a wonderful concert by Michael and Blue Suede, and a good night’s rest, I discovered on my early Sunday morning walk, that the passenger side rear tire on my car was completely flat.

Ah! Judy was still asleep in the motel room and I didn’t want to disturb her with this problem.
Fortunately for me, being a AAA member, I was able to have the AAA representative replace the flat tire with the very small temporary tire in my car trunk. I think they call that temporary tire a “donut”. Although having a “donut” tire was a blessing, we still had to drive the 130 miles home to Santa Cruz
that day, so that we could both be at work on Monday morning.

That small tire wouldn’t make the drive safely and needed to be replaced. Because it was
Sunday morning, there were no tire shops open. This was in the day when most businesses were closed on Sunday. I went to the manager of our motel to see if he could offer any help. He did know the owner of a tire shop about 20 miles North of Santa Rosa who might be able to help me.

The motel manager called the tire shop owner, and the owner agreed to meet me later that morning at his shop if I could drive my car there. I was greatly relieved to have the help, as Judy and I wouldn’t have been able to stay in Santa Rosa the extra night. The owner of the tire shop cautioned me that it would not be safe to drive on that “donut” tire more than 30 miles per hour. He told me that the safest way to get to his shop would be to take the freeway, which was about 12 exits away from where I was staying. He also said that I should drive the entire way on the shoulder of the freeway and not on the actual roadway. This advice made me very nervous, but since it was early Sunday morning and there weren’t many cars on the road at that time, I prayed that I would be safe.

All was going well as I made my way slowly on the shoulder of the freeway, when I heard the sound of many motorcycles coming up behind me. I became aware as the motorcycles started to pass me, that the group of motorcyclists were several dozen or more Hell’s Angels! I was clearly able to read their group name on the back of their leather jackets.

Oh boy! They were over half way past me on the freeway, when the whole group started slowing down. It became apparent that even at my slow speed, I was inching up to the front of the group and the leader of the pack. (For those of you who like old movies, the leader wasn’t Marlon Brando!)

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the leader gesturing with his hand, and waving at me. I then realized he was motioning for me to roll down my window. My ‘83 Chevy Malibu had the old-fashioned mechanical roll down window. Weren’t the old cars just the best! I nervously rolled the
window down and looked over in his direction. At this point, both the very loud group of motorcycle riders and I were cruising along at about 30 miles per hour on the freeway.

The leader of the pack called out to me saying, “hey little lady, where are you trying to go with that tiny little tire on your
car?” I yelled out to him that I was trying to get to a tire shop which was quite a few miles up the freeway. He looked back and signaled to the pack behind him and called out, “pull on over to the freeway, you’re never going to get there driving on the side of the road.” The pack made a space for me to pull onto the slow lane of the freeway and completely surrounded my car with their motorcycles. The leader asked me which exit I needed, and I called out the
exit number. “No worries,” he called back, “we will escort you to your exit.”

As I drove along with this very strange escort on the freeway, I think I may have stopped breathing at one point! After a few miles, however, I was really getting the hang of this escort business and was having fun! Maybe this
is how Elvis felt whenever he had a mobile escort!

When we finally reached my exit, the leader pulled over near me again, and asked how far I had to go to get to the tire shop. He then signaled to two of his guys to go with me and make sure I made it safely to my destination. I thanked him as the pack
pulled away and headed on up the freeway. I was carefully escorted to the tire shop by the two helpful angels. When I pulled up into the shop parking area, they tipped their caps to me and headed back for the freeway.

When the tire was finally replaced and I had driven back to the motel, I found Judy had awakened,
taken her shower and was dressed for the day. As I walked into the room I said with great excitement, “you’re never going to believe what just happened
to me! I have just taken a Sunday morning ride with the Hell’s Angels!”

Tips and tidbits from the Food Lady

I love this time of year with the cooler weather, the shortening of days, and Autumn almost here. I am excited to start baking and creating soups and other healthy traditional foods. I recently discovered a wonderful YouTube channel Mary’s Nest. She teaches traditional cooking, and her videos are very detailed, easy to follow, and are a delight to listen to. I am learning so much. If you love cooking and are concerned about health and preparing a food storage pantry for every day as well as for emergencies, you will enjoy her detailed videos. Some of them are quite long.

In this series of VIDEOS, Mary from Mary's Nest Cooking School discusses the topic of Food Storage covering How to stock a Prepper Pantry. She answers the question "What is a Prepper Pantry?" and then continues on to cover "How to Stock a Prepper Pantry with Real Food" and "How to Stock a Prepper Pantry for $5 a Week". Plus, Mary shares various recipes that you can make using your food storage as well as many foods you can make homemade for storing in your Prepper Pantry. Mary also offers a FREE download of her 36-page Essential Traditional Foods Pantry List.

What is a PREPPER PANTRY? And Why We All Need One. by Mary's Nest

Mary’s Nest Cooking School
Do you want to be a Modern Pioneer in the Kitchen and be part of the Traditional Foods Movement? If so, you've found a home!
Through detailed VIDEO tutorials, I'll teach you how to make Traditional "Nutrient Dense" Foods, including Bone Broths, Cultured Dairy, Ferments, Sourdough Bread and more.

Her website:

I personally have been slowly preparing my own pantry with foods that I can use to create wonderful meals each day and have a pantry for storage in case of any emergency that might come.

You just never know when there might be a time where you cannot get to the store, or some sort of emergency might happen. It is always a good idea to be prepared. Some of the items I have been slowly gathering are canned beans, canned meats, canned vegetables, canned fruit, and other food items like crackers and snacks. Also, water plus first aid supplies, matches, batteries, and so much more.

It can take some time especially if you are on a fixed income. That is why I like Mary’s videos concerning how to do this at $5 a week.

I hope you will prepare your home so you will be safe during any future emergency.

We have a few recipes below that I know you will enjoy. Two from a dear friend and Blind Post reader and I have a soup recipe for you that a reader had reminded me of from a few years ago that she really enjoyed.

Donna‘s mixed bean salad

One can each, green beans, wax beans and dark red kidney beans, well rinsed and drained
1/2 cup pico de Gallo, either homemade or store-bought
1/4 cup finally chopped celery
1/4 cup finally chopped carrot
Several shakes of pepper, if you like pepper
1/4 to 1/3 cup Neumanns own low-fat Italian dressing (or of chorus dressing of your choice)

I pull it out of the refrigerator and stir it a couple of times before I serve it when well chilled.

Another recipe from Donna K.

Mama’s Green Pea Salad

1 pound bag frozen green peas, completely thawed
1/3 cup each red onion, celery, and carrots , chopped fine (if you prefer a spicier dish, you can substitute one cup store-bought pico de gallo instead
of onion, celery and carrot)
1/2 cup (or more if you prefer) sharp cheddar cheese, cut in pea-sized cubes
1/3 cup mayonnaise
1/3 cup sour cream
Two or 3 tablespoons bottled Italian dressing, or a dressing of your choice
Salt and pepper to taste

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl and chill in refrigerator several hours or overnight for best flavor

Hearty Mushroom Barley Soup

1 1/2 cups barley
3 tomatoes, chopped
2 carrots, chopped
1 medium onion, chopped
2 garlic cloves, minced
6 cups chicken stock
2 cups tomato juice
4 fresh sweet basil leaves, chopped
1/2 teaspoon oregano
10-15 mushrooms, thinly sliced
pepper to taste
Plain yogurt or sour cream

In a soup pot combine barley, tomatoes, carrots, onion, garlic, chicken stock, tomato juice and herbs. Stir. Bring to a boil. Lower heat, and cover, but not completely -- leave lid slightly askew. Stir occasionally. Let soup simmer 1 hour, then stir in the mushrooms. Add pepper and let simmer 1 more hour.
Ladle into hot soup bowls and top each with a spoonful of yogurt or sour cream.
Serves 8-10.

Products I have found and enjoy that you might not know about.

I have recently discovered a wonderful salad dressing that does not have soy bean oil, and tastes amazing on my salads.

Pantry Classic Italian Tessemae's All Natural



All the herbs and spices to make an Italian Nonna swoon.
Sugar Free
Dairy Free
Gluten Free
Whole30 Approved
Keto Friendly

I found it at Walmart for only $3.99. It might seem expensive, but it is so good and a little goes a long way. I have bought it several times now. Their website gives other products and also tells where you can buy it. It looks like you can order on the site too.
I have tried the classic ranch and the lemon pepper too.

Food Lady

Living with low vision

Fun Things to Learn

By Donna Williams

As the kids return to school and summer winds down I am reminded of my own bittersweet days. I loved summer vacation but missed friends I didn’t see for a few months. When school started I’d always got excited about catching up with them again but I hated some of the work teachers made us do. Luckily
as adults we get to pick and choose what we want to learn or at least for the most part we do.

During these past few months I’ve had the experience of working with new technology. I’m still trying to tame my Windows 10 computer and get familiar with where things are on it or how to change settings I used to find more easily. I also received an iPad as an award but at present I can’t share too
much about using it because I need to write an article for that organization and tell them how it is helping me in my daily life before I can share too much here. I will say this though I like using Zoom on it better then on my computer and reading those pesky PDF files is much easier.

At this year’s ACB convention I was pleased to participate in virtual voting. It was easier then I thought it was going to be. When we first heard about this option being available to members I did all I could to learn what I needed to know about the technology in order to make the best decision as to how
I’d access my ballot.

Just prior to the convention Zoom stopped working properly on my old computer so I was forced to use it on my iPad. It was the best thing that could have happened. I was presented with an unexpected brain exercise as I learned about navigating through the App. When I finally figured out what I thought I
needed to know I became adventurous and decided to add a picture to a few accounts. I took a selfie and decided to display it on Zoom and to add it to DiceWorld too.

Well time to share some funny foibles. First off a sighted person who I trust told me that my picture on Zoom didn’t look right. It looked fine to me but I have low vision so what do I know. Lol! Feeling a little embarrassed I attempted to remove it. Well, I think Zoom had its own version of Groundhog Day going on. That darned photo kept coming back. I’d remove it and close Zoom thinking everything was fine after saving my changes but when I reopened it there my face was staring back at me.

By this time I’d also set my photo for DiceWorld. I still don’t know exactly what made me look at that part of the screen but when I did I began to laugh heartily. My picture was displaying sideways and it looked as though I were hanging from the ceiling.
I quickly reset it, saved changes then exited the App. When I reopened it the photo which had been displaying properly was now sideways once again. After trying to fix the issue multiple times I finally gave up. I still had the problem of removing my picture from Zoom as well. I knew at this point that additional research was definitely needed.

I looked at several solutions on the web all of which I’d already tried. I had an idea. I figured I’d take
a picture of the sky and use it for both Apps since neither one would let me remove my photo. I even went so far as to delete it from the device and from the App. That failed miserably too. Of course by now it was dark outside so getting the kind of picture of the sky I craved would have been impossible.
I had to wait until morning. When I got up the next day it was partly cloudy and very humid. Despite this I decided I really needed to banish that photo.

I was hoping for blue skies with maybe some puffy white clouds. Instead I ended up with gray and white. Not exactly the beautiful picture I wanted but
it would have to do.

For Zoom I actually went on my computer and retrieved a better picture of the sky then the one I took that morning. I added it to
my account and I’m happy to say that it displays nicely. As for DiceWorld I had to settle for the picture on my iPad. And guess what? When I open the App it displays sideways. Oh well, I tried. I learned from this that I might not want to be so quick to change what is displayed within an App unless
I can be sure I can change it easily later on.

Getting back to the convention I found the voting to be very easy. I used a combo of computer and iPad to do it and I had no accessibility issues using either. One of the special interest affiliates I am a member of also conducted elections and we did it by raising hands. That went smoothly as well.
I also explored ACB Link. There were many times when I just wanted a break from Zoom or decided to jump from one meeting to another. By utilizing the
streams I didn’t feel as though I were being rude when leaving.

As the cold months descend upon us I’m sure I will have lots more time to learn new things. In the coming months it won’t just be about technology. My
doctor wants me to develop a daily exercise routine and he suggested I try to do some Yoga. I know ACB has calls for those who want to participate in that sort of thing so I guess I’ll become a newbie and see if it is for me. In the meantime I guess my fingers will do the walking on my I Pad.

If you are interested in playing me on DiceWorld my username is: DMH 319. I play Balut, Yatzy, Threes, and 1-4-24. If you send me a game request please let me
know you are a Blind Post reader so I can greet you.
I’d love hearing from you. Feel free to communicate with me by writing to:

Driving Miss Donna

“A New Order”

(Episode 19)
by: Lynn Anderson

One of the many things that never occurred to me about Donna’s vision loss, was her ability to navigate safely through her apartment. Donna’s apartment isn’t huge, just under 600 square feet; one bedroom, bathroom, small kitchen. While that may sound spacious to some people who love tiny homes, when there is extreme vision loss and mobility issues added into the mix, it is actually pretty small. Donna is also what I like to call the person who carries on the family flame. In other words, she inherited everything from her parents, grandparents, great- grandparents, aunts and uncles. Her apartment was full to overflowing with precious items that she couldn’t let go of. When her vision was good, she could navigate an apartment full of knickknacks, extra chairs, books, records, shelving units and anything else you could think of, but as her vision decreased, the extra obstacles caused many problems.

Then Donna made the decision she needed to downsize her “stuff” and would I help her? Now, this seemed like a normal request for help, but as they say, if I knew then what I know now, I would’ve run for the hills in an effort to save my very life! You think I’m exaggerating? Read on! “OK”, I said, “I would
be happy to help!” So, we set a date and time to begin. Donna had a big smile on her face, and I was happy to be able to help! Well, at least I was at
that time.

The big day arrived and I walked over to Donna’s apartment ready to get things in order. I like planning, objectives, making progress and accomplishing goals. I like it a lot. So, I knock on Donna’s door ready to go. Donna invites me into her kitchen for what looks like breakfast for about 30 people. “What’s all this?” I ask, puzzled. “We need some nourishment before we get started. I made a little breakfast for us!” She had on one of her frilly aprons over her clothes, and a big smile on her face. “Um,” I cleared my throat, “have you invited some friends over for breakfast?” “Oh no, it’s just us! I just wanted us to have some fuel for our work.” Well, I thought, if we were going to single handedly plow 100 acres of farmland, we would’ve certainly had enough fuel!

Donna had made eggs, bacon, fried potatoes, English muffins, fresh squeezed orange juice and was currently flipping homemade pancakes on her griddle! Although Donna is an excellent cook, after we ate that massive breakfast, I fell fast asleep on her sofa, which ended day one of getting Donna’s apartment in order.

Now, you may think that was a wonderful gesture on Donna’s part, but I realized later that it was actually phase one of Donna’s clever plan to stall, delay and completely stop the goal to get her place in order! Yes, it’s true! I believe that psychologists call it a “delaying tactic.”
So, day two of getting Donna’s apartment in order came around, but I was prepared! I told her, “No breakfast, I’ll eat at home!” thinking that I was so
clever. Ha! Donna, however, was also prepared.

I walk into her apartment and she is crying her eyes out. “What’s wrong?” I ask, very worried that there was another change in her eyesight. “I’m fine,” she cries. “Then why are you crying?” I ask, still worried. “Oh, I don’t know, just feeling very sad today, I think I just need to talk about it.” So, we talked and talked and talked and talked, until day two of getting Donna’s apartment in order was also over.

When day three of getting Donna’s apartment in order came and I knocked on Donna’s apartment door, I didn’t know what was going to happen! I was expecting the worst, but when she opened the door, she had a huge smile on her face. I didn’t smell breakfast cooking in the kitchen, and Donna wasn’t crying, so I hardly knew what to think. I guess you could say I was a bit off balance.

“Well,” Donna said, “let’s get going!” I have to admit that I was very guarded, expecting that anything could happen to upset this day. I kept looking over my shoulder, opening doors expecting someone to be there, anything. But no, Donna was truly ready to go! “OK, let’s get this done! We may have lost two days, but we’ll make up for it today!” My organizer’s heart was ready!!

Mistake number one: I asked Donna, “where would you like to start?” She replied, “you pick where we should start.” “Great,” I said, let’s start with the
bookcases. You have three giant, packed bookcases in your apartment, and since you can’t read the books anymore, they should be the easiest to get rid of.” For those of you who are smarter than me, you can probably figure out what happened next, although it caught me off guard.

Donna started crying. “What’s wrong,” I asked, puzzled. “That was so insensitive!” She kept crying. At this point I didn’t know what to do. Should I leave the apartment, move out of state, turn myself in to the police? “I can’t help that I’m losing my vision!” she cried. “How could you remind me of that?” As you may have guessed, that pretty much ended day 3 of getting Donna’s apartment in order, although I did try one more tack, which was mistake number two. “Well, maybe we can leave
the books alone for now, and move on to something else?” No, that didn’t work either.

I now realized that I was in the presence of a master. Getting Donna’s apartment in order to help her out, wasn’t going to be easy. In fact, I wasn’t too sure that either of us would survive! OK, maybe a tad bit of exaggeration going on! At the beginning of this adventure, I thought that Donna and I would work efficiently together, get all of the excess stuff out of Donna’s apartment, box up the items that would go into storage, and then have Donna’s apartment easily accessible. Hah!

Day four came and I almost called to cancel, but then I picked myself up and made it over to Donna’s apartment. She did let me in the door, which was a good sign, but there was no big smile, or happy to see you going on. We finally decided to go through one of the bags of stuff that was sitting in Donna’s living room, alongside many other bags of stuff. This is good, I thought, this is good, at least we are actually looking through something!

I set up three bags on the floor, one titled “trash”, one titled “keep” and another titled “give away.” The intent was that I would pull items out of the main bag and we would make decisions about what to do with each item. For those of you like me who enjoy watching You Tube channels where they organize an entire room in 30 minutes, that was my vision for this day. Quickly go through each bag, complete the sort and move on to other things. Well, I thought it was a good

I pulled the first item out of the bag. “Looks like trash to me,” I said and put it in the bag marked “trash”. “No!” Donna said and grabbed the item out
of the bag marked “trash”. “This is very valuable! Someone would pay a lot of money for this!” When I don’t believe what someone is telling me, I have
a problem with my eyebrows rising up into exclamation points. Donna knows this, and when my eyebrows did that, she felt the need to defend herself! “My
Mama saved this from her Mama who got it as a gift from her Mama! It is worth a lot!” “OK,” I said, trying to avoid any confrontations to bring this day
to an end, and went ahead and put the item in the bag marked “keep”. After we worked our way through the first bag, about 90% of the items ended up in the bag marked “keep”. Oh boy, I thought, this is not working!

We went through another bag with a similar keep vs. discard status and so on through out the day. When I left at the end of day four, we had one full bag of trash, which I took outside to Donna’s trash can on my way home. Well, I thought, at least something got put in the trash!

When I came back for day five of getting Donna’s apartment in order, I noticed that Donna had pulled the bag marked “trash” out of her garbage can and it was sitting in the middle of her kitchen. I opened my mouth to say something, but Donna looked at me like I had better not say anything if I wanted to live through this day! So, very unusual for me, I didn’t say anything! I guess my survival instincts kicked in! “Would you like to go to the movies
today?” I asked. “Yes!” Donna said, and so ended day five of getting Donna’s apartment in order! The master had won, and the apprentice had learned a lesson!

Donna did get her apartment in order, but I wasn’t the one who helped. A wonderful woman from our church who specializes in that very thing helped her out and helped Donna to create a more accessible home for herself!
One funny, though, before I let this go. I’m at home one day, and hear this loud knocking on my front door. I open the door, and Donna brings several large paper bags into my apartment and leaves them on the kitchen floor. “What’s this?” I ask, as she brings in several more bags. “Um, these just need to stay in your kitchen for a while.” Then she quickly leaves. I look in one of the bags to see dozens of plastic storage containers. In fact, each of the six or so bags contained multiple plastic storage containers! Apparently, Donna had been given the assignment from the lady at church to get rid of these plastic storage containers, but had hidden them in my apartment instead! But this smart woman almost bested the master, when she asked Donna if she had hidden the containers at my apartment! Donna had to admit partial defeat! The woman came to my apartment, retrieved the containers and set them on the floor of Donna’s apartment. She told Donna that she could keep all of the containers that fit in two small baskets. Donna set to work and somehow managed to get most all of the containers into those baskets! Donna had her victory! I so love a good organized ending!!!

Uplift, inspirational stories.


By ruth Coleman

Getting adjusted to blindness is NOT easy. Now, that I have made that perfectly clear, I’ll also add that it is not only not easy; but it in some circumstances can be out right hilarious, if you can still muster a sense of humor. One morning, I, by myself, made a monogamous decision to serve Hot Cakes with orange juice, eggs, sausage, butter and syrup or honey depending on the delight of the Diner. Sounds good right? Right

Using a familiar pancake mix, I proudly put the mix together. I had already taken out the butter so that it was just right to melt on the steamy hot cakes. The other side dishes were ready to be placed on the awaiting plates. I was heating up the flat griddle and really looking forward to this monumental five-star breakfast. When the griddle was hot I poured ¼ (measured of course) cup of mix onto the griddle. I heard it sizzle as I waited to flip it over. I patiently counted and then used my handy sturdy spatula, slipped it under the sizzled pancake, and quickly flipped it over; over onto the pan. I waited, listening for the familiar sound of a cooking pancake. I must have missed it, so I counted again; but was interrupted by the bold voice of my son. “Mom, what are you doing?” I looked at him in and with my blind eyes and asked him. “And what does it look like I am doing?”

He answered. “Mom, I’m not quite sure.” At this point in the conversation, I’m wondering why he can’t see that I am creating, orchestrating, and launching a great morning pancake breakfast. (You have to wonder.)

More questions were about to ensue; but I beat him to the punch “I wanted you fellows to have a great pancake breakfast this morning and I didn’t want you to go to McDonalds to have it.” Now, my son is beginning to smile greatly and even to chuckle a bit. He asked. “Where is your pancake, Mom?” He is now getting on my not too good side. “What do you mean where is the pancake?” He’s looking at the griddle and spoke. “There is no pancake on the pan, Mom.” I took the liberty to look for my flipped pancake with the trusty spatula…Gone! There’s only one person that I can blame for this, and it wasn’t me. I asked him. “Did you…? He began to laugh heartily. He then led my spatulated hand to the neighboring counter top and guess what? There was my perfectly flipped pancake. I gave up my trusty spatula, and from that day until this, I do not even attempt to flip pancakes, hamburgers, chicken, corn bread, or any other such thing which has disappearing potential from griddles, skillets, pots, or pans.

Summary: This Article happened quite a few years ago, when blindness was creeping up on me. There were so many things that I had to learn to do over, and they were seemingly very simple things; but attempting to do them without sight was not only a challenge but a danger. Going through the Center for the Visually Impaired and graduating made blindness just another challenge to be met and eventually overcome. I have learned so much since this challenge and I pray that I will never stop learning and climbing to my highest accomplishment in Christ Jesus. Before blindness, I always wanted to write; but never had time, now, I do. Before blindness, I needed to read the Bible-never had time; but now I read the Word of GOD every day and night through Audible and Kendal and the Blind Library, and other sources too many to mention. When I encounter anyone who has been diagnosed with a future of blindness, I quickly inform them of the resources that are available to us, and let them know that blindness doesn’t mean information less, nor does it mean that you are captive. A Blind Person is as secluded or as out going as it is desired by the individual. I, personally, Thank GOD for this platform and for the wonderful people presenting and representing.


Yarn Hook and Needle

Crafts by Greg Capps

Don't forget. We are having a contest.

Send in your favorite craft pattern and enter the contest! It can be a holiday craft, something you might make for a holiday gift, or just your favorite craft instructions! The deadline is November 1. Winners will see their project featured in the December issue of the Blind Post and will receive a small gift as well. To date, I have not received any submissions. So, get yours in and if you are the only one, you are guaranteed to win! Make sure to tell me it is for the contest and don't delay.

For September, we have a craft project that anyone can do and it can be adapted to any environment, holiday, or personal taste. I'm giving
you some general instructions for making a "rag" wreath. Have fun trying a new craft and let me know what you think of the change of pace for this month.


Here is an opportunity for you to get creative! These are general directions because there is no right or wrong way to make this project.
To mess up, you'll have to try to.

You will need a wire wreath form. It is a circle usually with three circles of wire and a few cross pieces to hold them together with a
big opening in the center. They are easily found for as little as a dollar at those stores where everything is a dollar or from your local craft store.

A medium size one of perhaps 14 inches is a good size. They come bigger or smaller depending on how you want to use the finished wreath. They are nice as a color accent piece as a wall decoration or on a door.

The next thing you will need is fabric and that can be almost anything. Originally, these wreaths were a way to use up items around the
house that had lost their usefulness like old sheets, old clothing, or cloth from any variety of sources. Got a shirt with a rip? Just don't use that area
and use the good fabric. Nowadays, they can get as elaborate as you can imagine.

Since I don't know the exact size of wreath you want to make, I'll suggest
2 yards of fabric or a little more. You may want to go to a place that sells fabric and purchase specific colors or patterns. A medium weight cotton like
a man's dress shirt weight or quilting fabric, fleece, flannel, bed sheet type material, and so on works great. Just don't use something that is really
flimsy and won't hold any shape. Fabric stores often have strips of fabric in 2 to 3 inches wide in rolls or bundles. If you are afraid of cutting, this
might be an alternative for you.

You want to get your fabric into fairly uniform strips. If you bought those precut rolls, you will just cut off lengths and stack them

Your pieces can have a variety of size but I'd start with them all the same size. Two inches by 8 or 9, or 3 inches by 6 are good places to start.
Or, go even skinnier if you prefer. The size will make a difference in how fluffy your wreath is so you could try a couple sample pieces and see what you think.

I hear you saying you can't cut fabric. Don't run away just yet! Visually impaired people can safely and effectively do this. It is a "rag"
wreath. It isn't supposed to be perfect. Some of my sighted friends have crafting parties. Sometimes each person has a designated job or task. One person might provide the house and some simple snacks while another might bring the fabric if she is a quilter and has a ton of quilt scraps and somebody else might bring the wreath forms. So, you take a job you can do well and let others help with their special skills and abilities. Use those precut strips I mentioned and you only have to cut them into lengths. Or, use your measuring tools and measure and cut a template the size you want using cardboard, plastic canvas, or some other durable material that you can cut along the edges of to make your "rags".

If one's a little crooked, who cares. If one got a little
skinnier, only you'll probably notice. Or, simply ask a friend to come over and you buy the materials for both of you and they have to do the cutting.
You have options.

Once you have your wreath and fabric cut to your preferred size, you'll simply take a strip and place it under one wire of your wreath.
Position it so that the wire is in the middle of the strip and scrunch it up. Take the two ends and simply tie a knot. Keep filling your wreath filling
all three circles with as much fabric as you like. You want to completely hide the wire. I like a full wreath. So, I fill mine full and push them up close
together getting in as much fabric as I can. Maybe you want yours to not be so full. It's your creation. So, make it like you want. And, if you don't like
what you've done, simply redo it or make some kind of adjustment.

I've given you the basics of how to make your rag wreath. Now, let's talk a little about how you might use it. You can use different textures
or colors of fabric. Maybe you want your team colors or holiday colors or light pastels or even a solid color. You can stop here. Or, add some embellishments.
Making it for a baby gift? Add a cigar given out by the proud dad, attach miniature baby items, pacifier, rattle, toy baby bottle, you get the idea. You
could even make the wreath from a baby blanket for the fabric! For a holiday, add jingle bells, ribbons, pine cones, berries, Easter eggs, tiny bunnies,
or just think of the fluffy cloth as flowers and maybe even sprinkle in some greenery or green fabric. Have fun figuring out what you want to do.

If you get stuck and need some ideas, e-mail me and we'll brainstorm for your particular wreath. My e-mail address is at the top of the
column. Like I said at the beginning, you can do this craft even if you have very little crafting ability.

I'd love to know how you make yours.

This is the end of the September 2021 edition of the Blind Post classified news.

Thanks for reading!
Lori AKA Food Lady

Lori Motis
Publisher & editor of the Blind Post classified news.
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