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The Blind Post News features ads and announcements from and for the blind and visually
There are also monthly columns:
From the editor by Lori Motis,
Blind man walking by Joshua Loya,
Tips and tidbits from the Food Lady by Lori Motis AKA Food Lady,
Living with low vision by Donna Williams,
Yarn, hook, and needle, crafts by Greg Capps.
New column Driving Miss Donna by Lynn Anderson, sharing stories from a sighted person's perspective about her dear friend Donna adapting to her vision
loss later in life.
Tech news by various contributors.
Blind people talking is a column where readers share their personal adventures living with a visual challenge, or poems and other fun stories.

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Intern opportunity

An exciting opportunity exists for one or more interns to work alongside the founders and creators of a vibrant community of published and emergent writers.

You would be working with two prolific author/educators who have developed a dynamic online community that includes zoom webinars, podcasts, website, social media, newsletters, and other special writing events.

Writing Works Wonders is an author community that serves authors who may be sighted or visually impaired. Interns who participate in this project would communicate and work with the team on a virtual basis. In person, meetings may be possible, but not required.

There are many among which you as a prospective intern could choose to learn or further develop your skills in a variety of areas in a real-life context. These opportunities include project management, public relations, social media, marketing, audio editing, WordPress development, writing, editing, publishing, and more.

Students focused on business careers with technical skills, excellent communication skills, and ready to shoulder responsibility independently will be prioritized.

Co-founder Dr. Kathy King is a recently retired university professor. She will be able to work with your advisers and colleges to oversee, supervise, and/or craft learning experiences to address a wide range of requirements for volunteer internships or cooperative experiences.

Responsibilities and opportunities for training include, but are not limited to, activities in this list

Graphic design- Editing graphics, creating new graphics.

Audio production and editing -Editing audio recordings, creating short audio clips, adding audio clips to graphics

Social media scheduling - Assist with establishing and scheduling social media for different platforms.

Project management and public relations assistance - Assist with scheduling of podcasts, interviews; webinars; identifying guests and contact information; identifying and contact interview opportunities (publication, podcast, etc.); Assist e-newsletter editor with development and distribution, etc.

Website assistance: Assist WordPress webmaster in a variety of tasks; explore new opportunities to leverage our WordPress site community.
Writing opportunities: Writing descriptions and copy, proofreading material, participating in the publishing process including, online, e-book, and traditional formats

To apply, please send a cover letter expressing your interest and which relevant skills you have and are interested in along with your résumé to

November sponsor

A sample weekly page picture of the EZ2See® weekly Planner/Calendar.

The 2022 EZ2See® weekly Planner/Calendar is Now Available

The 2022 edition of the popular EZ2See® Products, large-print, large-space weekly planner/calendar is now in stock and available.

Many of you already get one each year. It is so popular because the highly accessible design was specifically chosen to address the needs of those with low vision or other types of challenges.

Why the design meets the needs of many with low vision is no surprise. It was designed by a creative, low vision senior dealing with RP and a long-time FFB supporter. Back in 2015, after people saw the calendar he made for himself, they urged him to start a business to make them available to help others. He has been doing that ever since.

“As someone dealing with declining eyesight, I bought weekly calendars claiming to be large-print. Yet I still had to write over the numbers with a bold marker to make them easier to see. Also, their writing space wasn’t large enough for me to write big. That frustration gave birth to this calendar.”

Here is its list of features, many not found anywhere else:

Printed on 8 1/2” x 11” pages on heavy-weight paper
Daily “cell” size is almost equal to two, 3 by 5 cards
Black page edges – no more writing off the edge of the paper
Black high-contrast fonts that are over 10 times larger than newsprint; no tiny print
Black spiral bound so it folds in half and lays flat
Runs from December 2021 through to January 2023
Four wide bold-lined pages at the end to use any way you want
About as thick as a wooden pencil
Includes twelve monthly pages with holidays and extra spaces for you to use
Covers are laminated for durability and moisture resistance

The price is, $23.99 plus shipping.
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If you’re curious about the founder’s journey out of retirement and into becoming an entrepreneur, read about it here.

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Other great products from our sponsor EZ2See Products.
Low Vision Products for Seniors & Others.

EZ2See High Contrast Sticky Note Pads
The EZ2See high contrast sticky note pads features a bold, black border around the outside edges and is designed to fit perfectly into the daily cells of the EZ2See
large print weekly calendar.
list of 6 items
• 100 sheets per pad
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Bold No-Bleed Pen
The ILA bold, no-bleed pen produces thicker, dark markings without bleeding through paper, dries instantly, and produces no odor. It is the perfect complement to the EZ2See
large print weekly calendar.
Price: $1.50
list of 5 items
• Produces a 1mm wide black line, far wider than a ball-point
• Odorless
• Dries instantly
• The cap has a handy pocket clip
• The black cap on white barrel makes the pen easier to find
list end

Posting to the Blind Post News.

How to post and pay for an ad or announcement:

New word counts and price changes.

All current subscribers to date:1,057.

You can post one add, now 75 words or less, for free each month. The second 75-word notice is $7.00.
notices that are for the wanted, looking for, or to give away section, are free up to 75 words as well.
Paying notices that are over 75 to 150 words are $11.00. 151 to 300 words are $18.00, and 301 to 500 words are $24.00.

Sponsoring the Blind Post

If you would like to sponsor the Blind Post news, or any future issues, please contact me. The sponsorship cost is now only $35.00, for each issue, and can be up to 700 words.
The sponsorship main notice will be at the beginning of the news and then a reminder blurb somewhere in the middle. It will also be posted to the homepage of the website. The monthly news and the current month’s sponsorship notices stay up on the website for 30 days. Also, pictures on the website only. Email me for more information on this. Prices depend on each individual notice.
I also will be creating a links page for all my sponsors going forward.

Do you have an event that is time sensitive and takes place between Blind Post news issues? Email me and I might be able to share it with readers and post to the website. I can only do two or three each month to keep emails at a minimum.

Email me at

and I will let you know that I have received your submissions.
You can either attach your notice, as a word or text document, or put it in the body of the email.

For payments and donations, please use with PayPal.
I also accept personal checks. Please email me for my address.

What can you post to the Blind Post?

If you are blind or visually impaired, you can submit all types of notices from new or used items, services or training, business or job listings, items you are looking for, for trade or to give away, and announcements that you think other readers would be interested in. Notices and announcements pertaining to the blind and low vision community, from all individuals, schools, and organizations, are also welcome.
If you are blind or visually impaired and own a business, you can submit notices for that too, even if it doesn’t necessarily pertain to the blind and low vision community.
If you have any questions about your submission, email me and I will let you know if it is suitable for The Blind Post News. The editor reserves the right to decide if an announcement or notice, of any kind, is suitable for The Blind Post. The Blind post does not publish or post any personals or pen pal notices. All submissions posted are not necessarily the beliefs or opinions of the editor or The Blind Post News.
Make sure your contact information is correct for each post you submit. Email all notices to

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