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April 11, 2019

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This months columns:
Blind people talking: Riding Uber and Lift.
Living with low vision, My Advocacy Story By Donna Williams
Blind man walking, A slack lining experience by Joshua Loya
Tips and tidbits from the Food Lady,Plant-based diet.
Dear Food Lady, questions and answers.
Uplift,inspirational: A beautiful poem and a fun jelly bean story.
From the pages of Donna’s travel diary, Don't leave home without your passport by Donna J. Jodhan
Yarn, hook and needle, Shawls by Phyllis Campbell

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From the editor:

I am so happy to have spring weather here in my little Idaho town. I just love listening to birds. They truly do fascinate me. We have had many rain showers, and I enjoy listening to the rain. I have even taken some short walks in it. I never used to be an umbrella user, but lately I have been using one and it is much easier than I thought it would be. It covers me and part of my guide dog. It does help to have one that is easy to open and close.

I am looking forward to celebrating the Easter holidays with Palm Sunday, Good Friday and then Resurrection Sunday, Easter. Jesus is my rock and my salvation! I am extremely grateful to what God has provided for us to be forgiven and washed white as snow. I hope you know Jesus as your personal Savior and friend too.

This month’s news and articles are excellent, and I am thankful to all the Blind Post writers and contributors for their submissions. We have some great notices too. Be sure to tell people you read their notice and/or article on the Blind Post.

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Lori AKA Food Lady

Lori Motis
Publisher & editor of the Blind Post classified news.
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A More Personal Touch

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If you want to hear what I have recorded in the past, there are several archived editions. Just hit Option 7 and hit the pound key, which, of course, is the key under the 9 key. And you can go back several editions.
You can feel free to email me by writing to
or call me at 859-587-2060. If I can't answer, please leave me a message?
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Wanted, to trade, or to give away:

Hi. Joshua Loya of Blind Man Walking

I have a lot of adventures scheduled for 2019, and I'd love to have your support. If you are so
inclined to offer financial help, I'd really appreciate it. My fund
raising page can be found at:
Thank you. Remember, Adventure is a state of mind. How you live it is up to you!

MCBVI radio is looking for someone to read and record the Blind Post news for broadcast.

If you are interested, please email them at

Lori AKA food Lady is looking for anyone interested in writing articles concerning technology or smart phone apps for the blind

and low vision users.
This will give you free ad space.


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Food Lady wants you to know about MCBVI Radio

MCBVI Radio is owned and operated by The Michigan Council Of The Blind and Visually Impaired, which is a consumer organization for the blind in Michigan.
While it is by no means a prerequisite, many of the presenters on MCBVI Radio are blind or visually impaired. Our station manager and engineers are also blind. Programming features Genres ranging from Christian, folk, country and smooth jazz, as well as music and classic rock from the 60’s through the 90’s. Please check our schedule for a complete list of all the shows.
We are now available on Alexa devices. Go into skills and enable the MCBVI Radio skill, then just say, “Alexa, play MCBVI Radio.”
MCBVI Radio is now available on ooTunes so you can listen either on your smart phone or your victor reader. Alternatively, you can choose from several players listed on the website:
The phone number to listen to MCBVI Radio on your telephone is: (605) 313-0850. Long-distance and cellular charges may apply.

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We sum it up by saying: "Catch the vision--it’s Out of Sight!"

Call Sermons on the Phone: 773-572-6206.

Often when people are physically born they get a birthmark on their body. Adrian Rogers talks about the birthmarks of a believer on Option 1. These birthmarks will be with you all your life.
Many other sermons to listen to as well. Changed every two weeks.

The Virginia association of workers for the blind is having our Centennial celebration in Burkeville,Va Saturday, July 6.

We will be playing games, swimming, listening to music, selling items and food.
We are located at 341 Oak st.,Burkeville, Va. 23922.Call 434 767 4080 for reservations.
All blind , visually impaired and sighted people are invited.Festivities start at 11 am and conclude at 4 pm. You may call Quality Inn , if we are booked. Their phone is 434 767 3750

Check out Eyes On Success radio and podcast:

1913 Two Blind Brothers Clothing Line (Mar. 27, 2019)
Two Blind Brothers makes ultra-soft clothing from natural fibers for the sole purpose of funding blindness research and being part of finding a cure. Hosts
Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with brothers and founders Bryan and Bradford Manning, who are both blind, about how their company got started and what is special about their clothing line.

1912 Comparison of Electronic Eyewear (Mar. 20, 2019)
There are several different types of digital eyeglasses for those with little or no vision. But choosing the one that’s right for you can be a daunting process. Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with Dorrie Rush, chief content editor of Ophthalmic Edge Patients about the various options and features of
several models to help you make the right decision.
As usual, folks can download episodes from our searchable archive of over 400 episodes at:
Podcast is also available wherever you get your podcasts or you can listen on your smart home device by saying “play Eyes On Success podcast”.

Let me tell you about the Virginia Association of Workers for the Blind.

We have the Burkeville lodge for the blind, located in Burkeville, Virginia. We are a 501 c 3 organization that receives no Federal or state funding. We are a low cost vacation place with swimming pool, fishing/boating pond, walking trail with hand rails, gazebo with ramp and steps, semi and private rooms, talking books and games ...Uno and bingo. Call 434 767 4080 for reservations or call me , Richard, at 757 468 0277
Check out or web site
We have blind, visually impaired and sighted people visit us.

Services and training:

Business and employment opportunities:

I just joined bUnited.
It’s the good cause that pays people to unite. bUnited is free and easy.
Find out why it works and how much you will be paid.

Blind people talking

Last month, I had requested stories from readers that have used Uber or Lift. Below are two articles that are quite informative on this subject.

Uber and Lyft for people Without Smart Phones

By Jeanette Schmoyer

I do not want to put credit card information into my cell phone as required for direct use of Uber or Lyft, even though I do have that smart-phone capability. Many older people want no cell phone at all or just a simple cell phone without the frills.

For people like us, GoGoGrandparent provides a good option. We can use any phone to call GoGo and register with them, give them our credit card information, then call them from any phone when we need a ride. We can use more sophisticated features using the keypad instead of talking to a live person if we desire. GoGoGrandparent serves as a middleman between the rider and Uber or Lyft.

I have taken half a dozen rides with Uber through GoGoGrandparent and find them preferable to a taxi or paratransit. Once the request for a ride is made, the driver will arrive generally within 15 minutes. My personal experiences have varied from under 10 minutes to 20 minutes. Drivers have been courteous and friendly. One driver turned out to be a grandson of a resident in the community where I live. He was back home after military service and looking for a permanent job and driving for Uber in the meantime. Another driver provided snacks in his car as an offer of hospitality. My only disappointment was one driver who smoked, and his car smelled of cigarette smoke. Once GoGoGrandparent has taken the request information for a ride, they relay it to Uber or Lyft and then the service becomes identical to direct Uber or Lyft service.

As the driver approaches, about two minutes away, he or she will call the rider if the rider has a cell phone, which is ideal. This allows the rider to remain indoors in inclement weather until receiving that call. The call also allows the rider to describe what he or she is wearing to make it easier for the driver to spot the rider in a crowded area. GoGoGrandparent also allows the rider, at the time of registration, to provide a contact person that GoGo will contact at each pick-up and drop-off point in the trip through a text communication.

To learn more about GoGoGrandparent, go to
For a 2016 evaluation of senior transportation, go to

Another story using ride-sharing options

Hi Food Lady,
I thought I would reply to your request for persons who are blind and use ridesharing options.

I live in the Washington, DC suburbs where there is sufficient Para-Transit support. However, it is not always on my time. If I want or need to go bad enough, I will use LYFT.

Originally, I had Uber loaded on my I Phone as well but for some unknown reason, Uber will not work. My opinion? Their loss!

My first trip with LYFT was while I was in Los Vegas at my timeshare. The staff there loaded it, provided a discount code and off we went. Now at home, from time to time I use it alone.

As a totally blind user, I find the app relatively easy to use. However, as usual, I had to spend some time using my fingers to explore the app. When I returned from Los Vegas, I found I had not booked my ride home and could not get a ride from others. So, I reconned? This is my time.

To my surprise, when I opened the app, it told me where I was located so I did not have to figure that out. I have found, one has to be careful using that feature to assure you are really were the app is indicating you ar. Once I added my home info, I was given the information for a car and shortly thereafter, the car arrived and I was on my way home!

I like typing in my destination, but dictation is an alternative. My best friend on the app? The ability to call the driver. That button can allow you to call the driver to give better directions if there is a problem.

As a reluctant user of Ridesharing, I have come a long way and use it when necessary. Plus, from time to time, I get emails from LYFT providing me discounts! Every little bit helps.

Michelle Clark

Living with low vision

My Advocacy Story
By Donna Williams

At a recent low vision group meeting I attended a woman came and spoke with us about self advocacy. What made her talk so interesting and unique is that instead of providing specific tips or talking legalese she told her story. As she talked it occurred to me that we all have an advocacy story of our own to tell. Here’s mine.

I learned how to advocate from my parents. When they were told that I would be taught Braille because I am blind my Mom and Dad insisted that it was important for me to learn how to read print first. Because of their persistence I am able to read large print today. That was the right choice at the time however, I will say this, if my parents had encouraged me I might have decided to try reading Braille at an earlier age.

I wish I could say that as I grew into a teenager I was less stubborn and more thoughtful regarding my needs and wants. But sometimes what we want isn’t what we need. When I turned 13 my mobility instructor decided it was time for me to acquire my first cane. I hated it. I didn’t want my friends to see me using it and I didn’t think my vision was bad enough to need it. Of course this meant I began advocating to the detriment of myself. My instructor realizing this knew there was only one solution. Let me learn the hard way. So she scheduled a night lesson and told me I could decide whether or not to bring my cane. Of course I chose not to. The lesson did not go well and my instructor was impatient and angry. But it was because of that night I was able to grudgingly accept using that cane for travel after dark.

When I graduated from High School I really wanted to attend college and become a teacher or journalist. The state of PA had other ideas. They wanted to fit me into their little mold which at that time meant I’d either work in a sheltered workshop or I’d be sent away to become a vending stand operator. Those were the only options I was given. Not being satisfied and expressing my displeasure I began my own crusade to find work. Because I didn’t let those in charge of the money tell me how they wanted me to live my life I was able to work in a variety of jobs within the disability community. Most of these jobs involved me teaching or writing in some form or other. I was even fortunate enough to provide peer support to some individuals along the way.

When most people hear the word advocacy they probably think about demonstrating or trying to be heard above everyone else. Self advocacy isn’t always that way. Sometimes it’s assessing the situation you find yourself in, learning all you can about your various options, then making a decision and sticking to it as I did regarding employment.

Now I face my greatest challenge yet. Since I have a hidden disability it is more important than ever that I self advocate. People don’t understand my sensory over load issues and attempting to explain them is sometimes interesting. For instance when I tell someone that the fire siren or vacuum cleaner is too loud they always want to point out that I must have more sensitive hearing because I am blind and that they understand it must be louder for me then for them. What they don’t realize is that it isn’t the volume, tone, or pitch of the sound it is how my brain is processing it. It is the same with my other senses. I’m learning to speak up in a new way. I have to alert people when I need to change my environment to accommodate my needs.

When I’m faced with a major life decision I do a lot of research to determine all of my options. Then make a pro and con list to help decide which option is best. I stick to my decision. Family and friends mean well but I am the one who has to live with the results of my choices. I speak up if I need help. I don’t assume those around me will know what my needs are.

I hope sharing my story and strategies will inspire you to advocate for something you may need or want in your life.

I’d love sharing in your experiences of living with low vision. Feel free to write me at: .
You can read more of Donna’s writings at: .

Blind man walking

By Joshua Loya
Hi everyone. It’s been a while. I know. I still love you, and I still enjoy sharing my experiences with you, as well as some nuggets of wisdom I pick up along the way.

This month, I want to share an experience I had while slack lining at the Center for Balance Training in the Pacific Beach area of San Diego. For those who may not be aware, slack lining, or slacking, is a method of training in which people walk, balance, or do other movements while on a suspended line with a width of 2 to 4 inches. The line may be just a foot or 2 off the ground, or it may be far more than 6 feet off the ground. The more advanced slackers will sometimes walk or do maneuvers on lines that are considerably taller than this. I am personally aware of people walking a line that is several hundred feet high, but this is not something I have tried, and I have a long way to go. The highest line I have been on is in the 4 to 6 foot range. To be clear, this is not the same as tight rope walking. There is a little give in the line, which makes slacking either easier or more difficult, depending on who you talk to.

Many of you know, either from reading my articles or following me on social media, that I am an adult survivor of child abuse, not at the hands of my mother the Food Lady, but by those of my step-mother. Despite all of my accomplishments in martial arts, surfing, and adventuring in general, I still retain many scars and emotional sore spots as a result from my step-mother’s abuse. I persevere, but there are moments in which painful memories will come unbidden, and I need to draw upon deep strength reserves to keep moving forward.

Towards the end of my slack line training Sunday, after I was already exhausted, but still having a great time, it was time to walk across a 60 foot line. In slack line training, I am a relative beginner. I have only been on a line 3 times in the last few months, and I had never tried it until this year. Both for those of us who are beginners, and for more experienced slackers, we spend time on a line with and without assistance.

My friend John White, who runs Waves 4 All and has done water safety for several of the surf contests in which I have competed, walked by my side, lending his hand to help me stabilize. The line I was on was a little over 4 feet off the ground, and below it was only cement. A fall would mean significant injury, if I was unprepared for it. I was doing ok, thanks to John’s help, until I got to the apex of the line. At the apex, or the halfway point of the line, there is the most give, and most slackers tend to wobble more here. This was true for me also. Then, something struck me. Perhaps it was partially inspired by the David Goggins book I am reading, Can’t Hurt Me. (As a side note, the edition of the book available from Audible includes additional content not in the print version. It’s a great book, as long as you don’t mind some colorful language during your reading experience.) I stepped forward, and I felt my feet steady as the tension on the line increased. I had the thought, and I’ll edit my choice of words in my internal monologue to be more family friendly, “Forget you! You can’t hurt me anymore. With each step forward, I grow stronger. With each triumph, your influence over me grows even weaker.”

My thought process rang true for me in other circumstances, and I believe you can apply it also. For any of you who have felt weaker, or neglected, or have been abused… For any of you that have felt the sting of discrimination because of your ethnicity, your gender, your religion, your disability, or any other reason. For any of you have been dealt a bad hand, you can rise above your resources by getting better. With every victory… With every triumph… With every success, no matter how small or large, you grow stronger. So, when you feel like the world is against you, dig in even deeper, and make your success be so powerful that it eclipses those who would rob and destroy your joy because they are choking on their own filth and insecurities. You are better than that, and your time to show them is now!

Tips and tidbits from the Food Lady:

Spring has come and I just love it. I have always felt spring was more of a new beginning than New Year’s Day is. It seems that I have always made big changes at this time of year. This year I am paying very close attention to what I eat. I have slowly begun switching over to a more plant-based diet. The reason is that I want to feel better, lower my blood pressure, and lose weight. I have heard about so many benefits to eating this way.

I suppose many of you are wondering why I would not want to eat meat and other animal products, especially since so many people are concentrating on newer diets consisting of lots of protein, fats and vegetables these days. When you have kidney disease, as I do, it is not good for the kidneys to process lots of high protein foods. Also, it has been discovered that many diseases have been reversed when eating a plant-based diet.

I will be attempting to do this and will keep you updated on my progress. I have some good friends that are doing the very same diet. One of my friends is already seeing positive results in her own high blood pressure and in her ability to think clearer. I am tired of having a foggy brain, feeling tired, and I do not want to be on prescription drugs, which have horrible side-effects. I feel that when you are blind, you don’t want to be dizzy and light headed nor lose your ability to think straight. I need all my senses to work so I can move around this world easier and be thinking more clearly as I travel and do all the things I want to do.

If any of you have switched to this way of eating, would you please email me and share how it is working for you. I would sincerely appreciate it.

On Bard there are some great books to read on this subject. Here are just a few, in case you are interested.

Eat to live cookbook: 200 delicious nutrient-rich recipes for fast and sustained weight loss, reversing disease, and lifelong health DB77709
Fuhrman, Joel. Reading time: 11 hours, 17 minutes.
Read by Andy Pyle.
Diet and Nutrition
Nutrition expert and author of Eat to Live (DB 75601) provides recipes for appetizers, entrees, desserts, and drinks that emphasize their ingredients' nutritional benefits. Discusses tools and techniques, including shopping strategies, food preparation, consumption, and storage. Bestseller. 2013.

The China study cookbook: over 120 whole food, plant-based recipes DB80190
Campbell, LeAnne; Campbell, T. Colin. Reading time: 4 hours, 48 minutes.
Read by Erin Jones.
Diet and Nutrition

The author--sister and daughter of the authors of The China Study (DB 80066)--created this companion cookbook of recipes that use no animal products, no added fat, little or no added salt, and only a judicious amount of sweetening agents. Includes entrees, breads and muffins, breakfast dishes, soups, appetizers, and more. 2013

Comfort food gets a vegan makeover DBC00864
Skeem, Jill. Reading time: 2 hours, 15 minutes.
Read by Debby Queen. A production of Idaho Commission for Libraries Talking Book Service.
This recipe book gives a simple vegan twist to the comfort foods you love. For high school and adult readers..

How not to die: discover the foods scientifically proven to prevent and reverse disease DB84053
Greger, Michael; Stone, Gene. Reading time: 17 hours, 12 minutes.
Read by Michael Greger.
Diet and Nutrition
Nutrition expert and physician argues that the vast majority of premature deaths can be prevented through simple changes in diet and lifestyle. Explains how this applies to heart disease, various cancers, diabetes, Parkinson's, high blood pressure, and other conditions. Includes a checklist of twelve foods to consume daily. Commercial audiobook. 2015.

Eat to live: the amazing nutrient-rich program for fast and sustained weight loss DB75601
Fuhrman, Joel. Reading time: 12 hours, 1 minute.
Read by Andy Pyle.
Health and Medicine
Diet and Nutrition
Doctor Fuhrman details his diet designed to supply optimal nutrition and enable rapid weight loss. Revised edition describes ways to reverse diseases, including diabetes and heart disease, through better nutrition. Explains the poor American diet, provides a comprehensive overview of nutrition, and offers a beginner's six-week vegetarian diet. Bestseller. 2003.

Dear Food Lady Q & A from readers

Remember when I had a question on measuring liquid ingredients like vanilla extract and Worcestershire sauce?
I had given an answer of what I had been taught, when I was at the Orientation Center for the Blind, using measuring spoons that could be bent to be more like a ladle. Well, I have recently discovered, through researching on the internet, that there are measuring ladle spoons that are made just for this purpose. There are many brands and types.

I bought one set of five long handled stainless steel measuring ladle spoons. They come in 1/8 teaspoon, ¼ teaspoon, ½ teaspoon 1 teaspoon and one tablespoon. I have seen other combinations as well.
You might want to check your local kitchen store or Walmart to see if they carry any of these. They make it much easier to accurately measure such ingredients as vanilla.

Do you have a how to question on cooking methods or home management
as a visually challenged person?

Email and I will answer your question and post it in a future article.

Uplift, inspirational stories:

(A revised poem for Resurrection Sunday)

Was this the One Joseph, lovingly, held in one hand?
Was this the One she held close to her breast?
Is this the One she fed?

Is this the One mockingly,
They called ‘Mary’s Son’?
Is this the One, Oh LORD, is this the One?
Answering her own questions,
She could not deny,
For others sins,
Her Son, would SURELY die.
Yes. He is the One; but all she could do is cry.



Mary’s Virgin Born Son, was dead.
GOD’S SON.(Alpha and Omega, First and the Last, The Beginning and The End, All and All, The Avenger of Blood, The Bright and Morning Star, The Blessed Hope, The chief Corner Stone, Divine, Everlasting Father, Father, GOD, Holy, Holy, Holy, Jesus, King of Kings, LORD of LORDS, Majesty, Omnipresent, Righteous, Sanctified, True, Unwavering and Good!)

Resurrection Sunday is less than two weeks away, Hence my decision to send you a poem written in 2009 for another article. It is revised and I pray that the revision brings the point the Writer is attempting to make.
Pleas have a wonderful Resurrection Day (Easter) and tell someone about The Blessed Hope, Jesus.

In Christ I Remain…True E. Ready writer )A Christian Writer.)


One guarantee in your Easter Basket was the faithful jelly bean. They contributed to the overall weight of the basket thus making it seem like a grassy preponderance of temporary wealth. I remember that when we were very young we’d all have our own individual baskets; and then one year, Mom placed a huge basket in the middle of the table with overwhelming loads of sweet be shared.

Everyone had their own chocolate (hollow) rabbit, and we had colored the hard boiled eggs, the night before, so they also contributed to the weighty wealth of the basket.

Can you imagine children eating the gooey, gooey goodness in those baskets, and thinking of the tomb of Christ? Well, we really didn’t. We were only interested in the type of wealthy goodies in the basket, and how to trade for your favorite, something that didn’t suit your fancy taste. By the second or third day, there was nothing interesting, in the basket, except the jelly beans. All of the chocolate was divided and dispersed. The hard boiled eggs were used in potato salad, or placed in a bowl in the refrigerator to be eaten for breakfast.

After careful scrutiny we knew that the only type of candy left in the large ‘center piece’ basket was jelly beans. The adults seemed to really enjoy reaching into the artificial grass and pulling out colored jelly beans. It was as if they found great pleasure, like fishing for a certain kind and size fish that they dove into the now languishing basket.

We were blessed to have a wonderful auntie, who watched us when our Mom was out. She loved jelly beans…black jelly beans. (Yes, I am going to write this story, rbecause it must be told.)

Our Auntie played the piano, and sang quite beautifully. We loved her. She had gone by the basket and fished for jelly beans. She made the mistake of telling us that she just loved black jelly beans. We, being so fond of our wonderful, happy Auntie, volunteered to find the black jelly beans for her. She agreed. We searched through the artificial grass thoroughly, and found approximately 4 or 5 black jelly beans. When we gave them to Auntie, she would delightfully stop singing for a moment savoring the sweet morsel; but continue to play the piano, smacking and chewing on the jelly beans. She was so happy. We loved our Auntie.

We saw that the black jelly beans were going fast…so, search as we did, there were no more. But…we had a solution. We began a manufacturing line of…Black Jelly Beans.
We loved our Auntie. We had to prepare them quickly, because Auntie was chomping them down with a vengeance. These specialty black jelly beans were tedious to prepare, it was hard for us to keep up with the momentum; but finally the ability to mass produce the sweet beans broke down, and we announced to our Happy Auntie. “Auntie, we ran out of black jelly beans. Do you want a red one, or a green one?”
Dear Auntie replied. “No, the black jelly beans are my favorite. There sure were a lot of black jelly beans in there, and you found all of them. Thank you.”
Our reply. “There were only five black jelly beans left; but we made them.” It seemed as if Auntie became real interested in what we were saying, when we told her that we made the jelly beans. She quizzicly asked. “What do you mean that you made them? Don’t you mean that you found them?”
Simultaneously we answered. “No, Auntie, we made them; but we ran out of black crayon.”

If I remember correctly, the music stopped, and our favorite Auntie seemed to turn as green as the crayon, with which we were about to start coloring the remaining jelly beans.

NOTE: Our favorite Auntie is still alive and well, she has out lived all of her sisters, and brothers. Her mind is sound, and she still remembers the above situation, and we still laugh. If you really love black jelly beans… 1. Buy a bag of all black jelly beans. And 2. Don’t tell your little ones; because they always have crayons.

Have a wonderful and sacred Resurrection Day.
In Christ I Remain…True E. Ready writer )A Christian Writer.)

From the pages of Donna’s travel diary

Don't leave home without your passport

It will definitely not pay for you to leave home without your passport these days and it all has to do with the much increased security especially at airports.

Thank goodness it has never happened to me and I do not plan to ever let it happen. The next time you take a trip whether it be by air, sea, or by train, please remember to pack your passport before anything else.

I'll also add that for me personally it does not matter whether or not I am traveling domestically or internationally. I just like to be rather safe than sorry and this is why I pack my passport any time I travel.

I pack it in a place that is easy to access and one that is easy to remember where I have put it. Whenever I am approaching the security area, I pull it out and hold it in my hand until it is safe to put it away. That is, that I no longer need it.

So for airport travel; get ready to show your passport at the check in counter, at security, and just before you board the aircraft. Of course, you'll need to show it again upon arrival if you are on an international flight.

I'm Donna J. Jodhan enjoying my travels.
To learn more about me, visit
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In the car, on the plane, on the bus or train, at the beach, anywhere!
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Yarn, hook and needle

Crafts by Phyllis Campbell

For those who knit or crochet, or both, for that matter, this is an in between month. In many places, winter is stubbornly hanging on, where others are experiencing spring, complete with blossoms. What to make? A good solution is shawls. They’re much appreciated on those still chilly days, and in air conditioned areas where the cost of cooling might better be saved, since everybody is freezing. Another good reason for making a shawl, is that they’re relatively quick to make, and since most patterns use worsted weight yarn, that can be found moderately priced the budget loves them. Of course, if it’s a special gift exotic blends can be found in the same weight.

Shawls can be made in a number of shapes, the simplest being the rectangle. With this you can exercise your creativity. Decide how wide you want it to be, to prevent confusion, this is the narrow part of the shawl. Pick a stitch, which can be as simple as our friend garter stitch (knit every row) or one of the more elaborate stitches found in books such as those done by Barbara Walker. Using the stitch pattern, take a gauge to determine how many stitches there will be to the inch, multiply by the number of inches you want your shawl, cast on, and work until you reach your length.

The triangle shape is very popular. You can start from the bottom with something like three stitches. Increase at each end of each row, until it’s long enough.

Below are some patterns to get you started.

Pattern from Lion Brand Yarn
SIZE: Approx. 72" across top edge
MATERIALS: LION BRAND Homespun (Art. No. 790) 6 oz. skeins: 3 skeins Ebony #313 or color of your choice.
One circular knitting needle size 13 OR SIZE NEEDED TO OBTA1N GAUGE.
NOTE: It is recommended that you use a circular needle to hold all the stitches and work back and forth.

PATTERN (multiple of 7 sts):

Row 1 (RS): K 1, k2tog, yo, k 1, yo, k2tog-tbl (through back loop), k 1.

Row 2: (K 1, p 1) in first st, p across to last st (p 1, k 1) in last st -- 9 sts.

Row3: K 1, k2tog, yo, k 3, yo, k2tog-tbl, k 1.

Rows 4, 6 & 8: Rep Row 2.

Row 5: K 1, (k2tog, yo) 2 times, k 1, (yo, k2tog-tbl) 2 times, k 1 -- 11 sts.

Row 7: K 1, (k2tog, yo) 2 times, k 3, (yo, k2tog-tbl) 2 times, k 1 -- 13 sts.

Row9: K 1, (k2tog, yo) 3 times, k 1, (yo, k2tog-tbl) 3 times, k 1 -- 15 sts.

Row 10: (K 1, p 1, k 1) into first st, p across to last st, (k 1, p 1, k 1) into last st.

Row 11: *K 1, k2tog, yo, k 1, yo, k2tog-tbl, k 6; rep from *, end last rep k 1 instead ofk 6.

Rows 12, 14, 16 & 18: Rep Row 2.

Row 13: *K 1, k2tog, yo, k 3, yo, k2tog-tbl, k 4; rep from *, end last rep k 1 instead ofk 4.

Row 15: *K 1, (k2tog, yo) 2 times, k 1, (yo, k2tog-tbl) 2 times, k 2; rep from *, end last rep k 1 instead ofk


Row 17: *K 1, (k2tog, yo) 2 times, k 3, (yo, k2tog-tbl) 2 times; rep from *, end k 1.

Row 19: K 1, (k2tog, yo) 3 times, *k 1, (yo, k2tog-tbl) 2 times, yo, [sl2kwise-kl-p2sso], (yo, k2tog) 2

times, yo; rep from *, end k 1 (yo, k2tog-tbl) 3 times, k 1.
Row 20: Rep Row 10.

Rep Rows 11-20 for pat.

STOLE: Cast on 7 sts. Work in pat until piece measures approx 72" across, end Row 20. Bind off.

Easy Triangle Shawl
SIZE: One Size
32 x 62 in. [81.5 x 157.5 cm]
790-322 Homespun®: Baroque Heathered Solid An elegant mix of violets and gray with
a hint of dark rose.
Quantity needed: 2 Skeins
Lion Brand Knitting Needles- Size 13 [9 mm]
Lion Brand Stitch Markers
Cast on 5 sts.
Row 1: (RS) K 2, yo, k 1, yo, k 2 – 7 sts.
Row 2: Knit.
Row 3: K 2, yo, k 1, yo, place marker (pm), k 1, pm, yo, k 1, yo, k 2–11 sts.
Row 4: Knit.
Row 5: K 2, yo, k to marker, yo, sl marker, k 1, sl marker, yo, k to last
2 sts, yo, k 2 – 15 sts.
Row 6: K 2, p to last 2 sts, k 2.
Rows 7–8: Repeat Rows 5 and 6 – 19 sts.
Row 9: K 2, *yo, k2tog, rep from * to 1 st before marker, yo, k 1, yo, sl
marker, k 1, sl marker, yo, k 1, **yo, k2tog, rep from ** to last 2 sts, yo, k 2
– 23 sts.
Row 10: K 2, p to last 2 sts, k 2.
Row 11: Repeat Row 5 – 27 sts.
Row 12: Knit.
Repeat Rows 5–12 for pattern 9 more times – 171 sts. bind off.

If you don't want your shawl this large simply bind off when you feel it is as long and wide as you want.

Very Easy Ripple Shawl
SIZE: One Size
Finished width 24 inches
Length 60 inches
910-103 Microspun: Coral Warm reddish orange
Quantity needed: 6 Skeins
Lion Brand Crochet Hook - Size H-8
SHAWL [worked over a multiple of 11 sts + 1 extra st] Chain 91Row 1 1 dc in 3rd ch
from hook, dc in next 4 ch, skip next 2 ch, dc in next 4 ch; *3 dc in ch, dc in next
4 ch, skip next 2 ch, dc in next 4 ch; repeat from * to last ch, 2 dc in last ch.
Ch 2, turn. Row 2 1 dc in first dc, dc in next 4 dc, skip next 2 dc, dc in next 4
dc, *3 dc in next dc, dc in next 4 dc, skip next 2 dc, dc in next 4 dc; repeat from
* to last dc, 2 dc in turning chain. Ch 2, turn. Rep row 2 until piece measures 60
inches from beg. Fasten off and weave in ends.

Until next Month, happy crafting.

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